Sunday, October 26, 2008


When I'm without my sewing machine, it gives me time to just look around... This weekend at our house, the weather was amazing on Sunday... The COLORS were amazing... From the turkey's walking by my deer fence, to the color of drying stacked wood, the leaves, moss and pine needles... Lots of color combinations to think about for the next quilt... Fall colors, without looking like a dull almost winter kind of fall... Although there is a lot of brown right now, there are still these amazing Greens, Reds, orange and purples...

Then I had to return for the third time this book,
New York Beauties: Quilts from the Empire State...
I love this book... So many beauties... Many Political, which i love. (Got one of those in the works) And the one with all the text... great letters...(Nancy A. Butler Died age 20)
The bottom row of brown quilts... I adore... the middle one, has a beard protector on across the top... ha! Very smart... Never knew that... Saves the binding...
It was a good weekend for a snuggle by the fire, a little run around time, and great weather for a good long nap... for me and Jenny Egg! That's inspiring too!


  1. deer fence? NYC? does not compute...

  2. You must have been out here on the island...right?
    My husband is an engineer at Brookhaven Lab and the property is federally protected. He often takes pictures of the flocks of turkeys and huge herds of deer. He takes a walk every day after lunch and says you can walk right up to them an they don't flinch until the last second. Watch out for the ticks though.
    I have that book and love it as well. You look very comfortable.

  3. I love fall & your photos are exactly why!

  4. ooh, looks like a wonderful book. I love political quilts but even better anything with writing!


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