Friday, October 24, 2008


Sew!, or I mean, SO! You know how they sometimes, I think in Domino Magazine, they take an outfit and build a room around the colors?

I had been working on using up my scraps, and put together these blocks of black and white, and came across this picture in INSTYLE, and instantly had to tear it out to stick in my inspiration book...

It seems, an outfit can inspire a quilt as well as a room!

I love Black and White.... Below is my guest room... Stripes, Black, white...
and a little red and purple.

What things (besides a quilt) have inspired a quilt out of you?


FALL.. Time for apple picking, puffy coats, and the Birthday PaRtY season!


We're going homemade on the gift giving for Xmas, as well as the zillions of Birthday parties this year...

And really, who doesn't need a HUGE CAT Pillow Anyway?


  1. The kitty pillow is adorable, so is your little girl!

    Inspiration... usually hits me in the form of a sunset... then I go looking for dark blue grays and salmon orange...

    Have a good weekend!

  2. You have such a great sense of style and color.
    Went to a quilt show in Setauket yesterday and there was Bl & Wh fabric all over the place and all the vendors were showing childrens novelty fabric. All of them. I missed, by seconds, grabbing the last pre-printed Jane Sickle panel which would have saved me from going crazy making those tiny, itty, bitty squares myself. I would have duked it out but that gal was way bigger than me.... sigh
    Can I have some of those energy pills you're taking?
    I get my inspiration seasonally and with magazines and such. Also adore historical work.

  3. What a great quilt that is modeled after the dress. It will go great in the bedroom! Love it - I am so envious of those that design patterns!


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