Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On my day to day life, I am a artist.. I sculpt, paint, and do some photography... Right now I just seem to be focusing on sewing... I have a series of crosses, that are all the same sizes, but out of many different materials... (wood felt, chrome, plastic, etc.)
So when it came time for me to quilt out the Get Well Soon Quilt, I decided on taking my cross image, and use that for my quilt pattern...

The Red Cross theme, I guess... But using my image of the cross instead of the traditional red cross symbol...

I've started the quilting, and it's going along fine, but the quilt is very heavy, with corduroy on the back, so I can only manage it for so long.

ONE, because its so hot in my loft,
TWO, because I get red fuzzies everywhere from the edge of the backing, and
THREE, my fingers get sore pushing it through the thick layers!

But, between hand quilting this one, and finishing the Gee's bend quilt, its going quite quickly...

I look forward to getting both of those quilts finished!


  1. Wow! You are so prolific, you amaze me!

  2. So did I tell you that I feel like a giant loser every time I check out your blog? Artist-chef-biker-quilter..You just never cease to amaze me!


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