Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I had B in the studio with me, and she wanted to do a project. So I gave her a sheet of bristol board, and asked her to come up with a design for a quilt block. She had once before done this and made a house, so I was curious to see what she would come up with this time.

She worked quite long on this, and I couldn't PEAK! so I stayed away,and let her work...

And I have to say, its a pretty fun block!

She then loved all the new fabrics I got down the block, so she sat down, decided how she would want the colors like what went where, and then we cut everything out, laid them out, talked about tessellations, and realizing if they touched corners that the blue and greens made squares of their own...

And after seeing them all laid out for a big quilt, she decided they needed white around each square "cuz they didn't POP enough" without it.

I guess I have another quilter in the house. And, She asked me to say, that she ALSO took the photos... SO mom takes no credit here. I just get to sew it together... !!!
Quilts B has helped me on. drawings, her old clothes, and silhouettes.

Then last night, she decided she wanted to sew something again, so I asked her if she wanted to learn to sew on the sewing machine.

Well, you betcha, she did.

She made a pillow!

Now I'm going to have to share my studio...

Watch out, there's a new Quilter in town!



  1. Wow, that's a really awesome quilt pattern! It's gonna be terrific. I think B. is gonna go like a house on fire! Get out of the way, huh? I love it when kids get excited about the same things you love. How wonderful for you...and her!

  2. This is beautiful! What a treasure this will be.

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE that quilt block! That is great and I love the colors! Tell her I said its awesome!

  4. that block is great!!! wow! how cool! How old is B??? YOu will have to share how you put the block together!

  5. Holy cow, her design is great! She's a natural and will probably be published before you know it?


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