Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ok, Guys ready for the tour? I should have realized today was not the day to do this as it is Rosh Hashanah, so many of the fabric/notions stores etc were closed... which is why also there is not a lot of traffic in this always busy city!

I walked around just ONE block here by my apartment here in NYC, Garment center/fashion center etc of NYC.

Here is a link to some shots I took walking around today.

I am 4 blocks from Times Square. The ball drops literally in my back yard... (if I had a back yard!) the garment center makes up quite a few blocks. Mostly in my hood its Fashion designers and fabric stores, one after the other...

So, if ANY of you watch Project Runway, then you would know MOOD Fabrics. that is a half a block from my place.

One place I like to shop at a lot is B&J fabrics. Closed today. rats. they carry pretty much everything, but there prices are not always the lowest...

Many of the smaller stores carry mostly silks, sari fabrics, linens, upholstery fabrics etc, and mostly the cottons are solids, and if they carry prints, they are not always the most up to date trendy quilting fabrics.

MJ TRIM, is one of my favorites. Its like a candy store for sewing folk... So is, daytona trim Which is very near my place... this is very bad....

My hood used to be, in fact our building used to be sweat shops... We were the only residential building on our block when we moved here. We would be bale to see people in the next building sitting at the sewing machines sewing all day and night... Then over night practically, it disappeared, as rental space inthe city became very high priced. It was then taken over by computer companies, which lasted about 5 minutes, adn now its pretty much Artists, photographers, small businesses etc., the fashion designers are still here, and on any given day there are Sample sales galore... And of course, All those Fabulous Fashion shows!
Thank goodness I hate shopping...(really i do!)
Its still a very interesting neighborhood.

We have the NEW, New York Times building that people keep Climbing up! and the Disney-fied 42nd St, Times Square, just 4 blocks north away. Madison square garden is 4 blocks south of me... Macy's, Empire State Building, just a hop down the block...

Central park is just 21 blocks away or, a 15 minute walk...

Which means there are Tourists everywhere... and mostly lost ones...

But most New Yorkers are pretty helpful and friendly, and dispite what most people think, its a very safe city.

The one thing, I'm not so happy about living here, is that, just last year, this was my view off our balcony (left pic) an the most recent one from the same place now (right one) what once was my garage, is now a 25 story builing.

So for today. Thats all I have for you.

Let me know what other bits of New York you want to know about...
And maybe share what your hood is like!


  1. Ok, I am coming to visit you. First I have only been to NYC once, and I loved it! Plus I didn't get to really see the fashion distric while I was there!

  2. Weird - to see my hometown and think of it as NOT my hometown. I mean, I don't live there now but I guess the place you grew up and spent your formative years will always be a part of you... I'm rambling sorry. Thanks for taking me home for a bit.

  3. Waay cool! I am so calling you when i come to town!

  4. Very interesting! I've never been to New York. How long have you lived there?

  5. Hi V! Just found your blog and love your take on the garment center. I always think of it as "work" never "home" so its very cool to read your point of view. You may be interested in our website which is dedicated to the neighborhood and written by some fashion industry workers;


  6. Whee, what a dangerous place to live for a fabric lover. Good thing you DONT love to shop. Looks like an exciting place to live, yet I bet all the crowds can wear on your nerves.

    Hey, what gadget did you use to get the photos coming up with the bloglist? it's cool.

  7. What an awesome tour! Thanks for showing us around.

  8. Your pictures of New York are wonderful....
    We go up to the city every couple of months and I'm always like one of those deer caught in the headlight kinda gals...I can't imagine walking around with my camera and taking pictures LOL
    I've never been down by the garment district-love the picture of the button and needle!
    I'm actually heading up to NY next Saturday with hubby for our 28th anniv. to see Jersey Boys and then finding someplace for dinner.
    In November we're taking our girls to see the Christmas Show again. We did that a few years back and we loved it, hubby takes a nap and the girls and I watch.
    Your projects are great...I'm going to add you to my list of blogs to watch!
    Peggy in NJ


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