Friday, October 3, 2008


Two major accomplishments...

Let's see.... I've been sewing and occasionally making quilts for 20 years. Only the last 8 years have I really worked much harder at doing any sewing and getting creative with quilts... So today, two great things have happened.

ONE, I think I've got the machine quilting down. I've always hand sewn, but sometimes I thought it would be nice to get a few things done faster.
With a huge help from Elaine from Elaine Adair pieces... I think I finally go the quirks worked out.


I had done this strip quilt with the intent just to practice my machine quilting on, and I finally got around to doing it. It took me all day yesterday, trying many different tensions etc, to stop that darn threat pulling through on the back... Then, today, I picked it up, made a minor adjustment, and away it went... So then I got daring and went all over the place...

I did some crazy all over pattern on the bottom, then put in a row with a house, trees, flowers, then added clouds, A big sun, and then lots of stars across the top. Its a little wiggly in places, but over all, I'm quite pleased with my self. I know that future ones will be much better...

The SECOND thing I did, which I have never done, is to actually sew on a binding.

When I learned to quilt, mostly from watching my grandmother, and mother, all their quilts have always just used the backing, rolled over for the binding. It's the way I've always done it myself.
Since I only recently found all your wonderful blogs out there, And I saw all these lovely edges, I figured now is as good as any to give that a try too! I love it!

I do need to find another tutorial on getting those nice mitered corners for next time... But, I feel I can give myself a good pat on the back for sewing outside my comfort zone! Now I am excited to finish the many other quilt tops I have laying here!

ALSO, I've come to realize I have a quilt top addiction... (is there a 12 step group for this?)

Yes, I collect a lot, but I only realized yesterday that I have 14 quilt tops that I have made this year.
I've finished 5...

And have three almost complete...

and three cut out ready to go...

And a box full of vintage tops that I have the backings ready to go on..

OK! I've said it. I'm trying really hard to just finish what I have... But darn, all those cute fabrics they have out there... Its so fun to play!



  1. OH my dear - this just goes to show how a person must persist to find whatever the right 'spot' is!!! Hooray, and I'm really givin you another giant "Hoorey" for your stick-to-itnive ness (sp?). Ya dun good!

  2. I am working on the same two things. I worked this afternoon on straight machine quilting but there is a wide space on this quilt that I want to do some free motion. I also have always brought the backing over. my mother did it that way but I am going to try binding this quilt. you give me inspiration to stick to it until you get it right or right enough.

  3. Great accomplishments! Way to go! I hate binding - and I can never get my corners right either so no biggie! It adds character!

  4. good for you for branching out and getting machine quilting down! it does get easier and better with practice.


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