Friday, September 19, 2008

Using up STASH

I've had this stash of fabric gathering for quite a while now. I like the colors, But when it has come for me to have an idea about what to make with it, I've been striking out.

I tried doing a quilt square a day, but that didn't work, I now have a bunch of squares I don't like... I don't really sew that way. Its a bit to thought out... I like to just throw things together simply, and I find they have a better flow.

So then I thought, well, maybe if I make a simple border around those squares, I'd like them better, So I cut some strips, thinking I would then cut then down to make the border.

Turns out the busy, granny prints of the fabric, looked best in leaving them as a strip quilt.And after a visit to Purl Soho, I came across this very sweet pink fabric by the Megumi Sakakibara collection. For backing, It works so nice in updating the granny prints, into a more modern looking quilt.And now I can practice my machine quilting skills once again!

Reversible Shopping bags & water bottle holders.

And these have been my favorite little side project lately.

I've heard people on other blogs talking about projects that are addicting. This has become that for me. It's also been a great way to clean out my stash of smaller pieces of fabric. This is an easy yard and under project.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the bags you made, they're charming. And the strip quilt--I have made this type of quilt with kid's fabrics for babies, and with holiday fabrics for holidays--just throw the quilt over the sofa, and you're finished with decorating. As far as what to put in the fridge--that person who wrote the article must live in a cold climate, and has never had to fight ants!


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