Thursday, September 18, 2008


Check out Mr. Monkeysuit, for sentimental quilts. I'm sort of sentimental about all quilts... That's why I collect so many abandoned quilt tops!

I had one grandmother whom I adored, who would sew all the time even though she was an arthritic invalid, and had little use of her hands. She made these great crazy quilts.... She did NOT make this quilt above. I have none of her quilts, unfortunately.

My other grandmother, who I was terrified of, as was everyone else, made the quilt above. I never, ever, saw her sew a stitch. For a woman that I was not very close too, I can appreciate her through this quilt. Its one of my favorite patterns. go figure!

Christmas Bear claw quilt:
This was my first complete quilt I ever made. I had made hand sewn quilt tops, but never finished them. And I can't find them... darn.

This one, I think I did on the sewing machine
, and then hand quilted it.

Thinking about sentimental quilts, I had realized that I never photographed the quilts I made for my daughter when she was a baby. hmm, I need to get them out... I am definitely sentimental over those!

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