Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last year I helped in the making of our school auction project. B's school is Quaker, so we were linking Quaker Quilts, and their study of Early New York, and old traditions, to make this framed silhouette quilt of all the kids in the class.

The kids learned about silhouettes, and made their own, then the parents helped in transferring them to fabric, and then we had the kids sign them.

This year again I am heading it up, but am looking for ideas of never been done projects.

Does anyone have any REALLY interesting ideas?

Other than quilting? or the traditional kids framed artwork? We've done a time capsule, table and chairs, and I can't recall the other one...

Ideas welcome!

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  1. Absolutely no ideas, but I do love that quilt. My mom had that done of all 3 of us when we were little. I know she still has them somewhere!


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