Friday, September 5, 2008

Progress of the day

Wow! I'm making it through my stash of collected quilt tops, washing, ironing, folding... picking one to work on...

I also got a lot done on the Baby quilt today!

**I had a lot of help from B, in choosing the fabric for the backing. She is quite confident in her selections!**

I am new to machine quilting, as I've only done one other, that way... But wanted to give it a whirl.

I have learned one thing. As a beginner to machine quilti
ng, I should always use matching thread to the background. As you make a lot of mistakes! Lesson learned.
But over all, I like it. I just need to finish the edge tonight and its done.

I've decided I should name the quilt, "Jonas Brothers, Love Bug Quilt" As while I was sewing, B came bouncing in to the beat of my machine, Rocking out loudly to this song, Love Bug, by the Jonas Brothers, Over and over and over.... :-)

OH well, It's better than anymore High School Musical songs!

(those with youngish kids will know this to be true!)

Oh, and at the same time did I mention that she was dressed as a Ninja, jumping around yelling Ke-ogh!

SO perhaps it should be called "Ninja, Jonas brother, love bug Quilt for baby girl Lang"...


  1. Beautiful. I always love a white background. I think you've made a winner there and how good does it feel when you finish a quilt? I love that feeling. Wonderful.

  2. The quilt looks beautiful! I've been machine quilting for a while but I still haven't ventured beyond quilting in the ditch- so I've got a lot of admiration for your lovely quilting.

  3. i came over from mr monkeysuit, i love this quilt! this is a block i would like to try next!


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