Thursday, September 25, 2008


Wishing for Sunnier days...

Living in the Fashion/Garment/Fabric district of Manhattan,
can be a bad thing for a sewer!
I must walk past 50 fabric stores on the way to the subway....

I've been trying to
STOP buying fabric... But on a gloomy windy, chilly day in NYC, I could not resist this Butterfly canvas.

Isn't it fun? Love the colors, and I can see some tote bags soon!


  1. Yes.. I can see tote bags.
    I really like the quilts on your slideshow over there. :-)

  2. I like that fabric a lot also.

    When I lived in NYC I wasn't yet a quilter or a knitter. It was probably for the best though or I wouldn't have had enough money for the rent... It's much safer here in the 'burbs with only one or two fabric stores and no good knitting stores at all!

  3. OOOOOO! what a cool spot to live in! I might be broke! or maybe working there to support my habit!

  4. the garment district? how cool. Would love some pics of your walk sometime.


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