Friday, September 26, 2008


Halloween outfit finished,
presenting my happy

We have had some interesting past costumes around here.
We've had, a Panda,
pink unicorn, Super Girl, Wonder Woman,
Red Riding Hood, and a Spider Ghost.

My little Ninja, will be testing for her High Brown belt in Tae Kwon Do today!

Good Luck B!
(I will be testing also for my high purple belt, go MOM!)
yes, she is a higher belt than I...

To me, this sort of starts off the holiday rush. Once school gets going, and all those activities! Then, whooosh! Halloween rushes in, then were off for Thanksgiving, and then its Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines day, spring break, and Birthday birthday birthday, and before you can say happy Easter, it's the end of the school year!

Wow. I'm tired already.

So instead of thinking about that... (denial, denial, denial....)

I'm off to sew.



  1. don't rush me!!!! I am just starting to get out the fall quilts!!!

  2. Yeah, what upstatelisa said! I'm totally in denial about fall leading to Christmas and all that. Shhhh! - if we don't talk about it, maybe it'll go away.

  3. Hope the grading went well - my kids used to do TKD. The Ninja costuem looks awesome!


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