Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today's Gifts!

...People are kind.
I rcvd an email from lovely lady in Minnesota ,who had purchased this quilt in an auction in Eagan, MN, in 1979, and had it hanging in her home for 25 years!

It needed a new home, and it came to me.  THANK YOU SUSAN!!!

There are many details in old quilts that I love, but one of my most favorites, are the TEENY TINY bindings, they often have...
This quilt has a few burned out fabrics, but it does not change the sweetness of it. There are many great prints, that we see now, reproduced in different color ways.

The little details of appliqué are nice, as are the lavender and pick centers on the Dresden plates...
The quilt blocks and border are machine pieced. The dresden's are hand appliquéd on a heavy muslin, and it's hand quilted. It has flannel for batting. Many of the fabrics are shirtings, and aprox only 20 different fabrics used. Binding is small, and machine sewn on.

And it's LABELED!!!
YAY!!!  See how nice it is to look at a 83 year old quilt, flip it over and see who it was made for and when?  Ultimately I'd like to know who MOTHER was.. But really.... Something is better then nothing!

LABEL YOUR QUILTS! They will be around much longer then you!!  It's real treat to find this on the back of the quilt...

Lilian was a lucky daughter. ;-)

Gift #2:

I was quite happy today!  I made it to my studio and am starting to feel nearly normal again!  Although my ears are still blocked and still stuffy nosed sinus stuff, My body feels like I am on the mend... Thank goodness, 12 days of that nonsense was not fun... Besides, I'm getting on the plane to fly to Florida for the Aurifil Quilting Cruise Sunday!!!  ...And I don't want to be sick anymore, or have blocked ears on the airplane! They hurt bad enough this past week... So I was VERY HAPPY to be back with my JUKI TL2010Q  humming along...

That SNOW!  So where does all that snow go in NYC?
on the sidewalks of course... LOL....
No, not all sidewalks, but some do get only a small path shoveled through, This makes it difficult  to get around in a walking mobile city...

 (before)  Sunday. 

(After! ) Today!

GIFT #3:
Good news is that it was WARM today and half of it melted!!
My balcony table and chairs, where 26.8" sat on the table just  a few days ago, 
is completely gone today!

That's my kind of snow...  

;-) GONE!

**Half yard bundles of Mostly Manor were added to the website.... They are going fast!


  1. What a lovely quilt you were gifted! I know you will enjoy it. Hope you are fully recovered before you have to fly.

  2. Lucky girl!! A beauty of a quilt, love the soft colours and how wonderful that it is labelled.
    Pleased to read you're recovering and hope all back to normal before you head off on the open sea!! Have a lovely time.

  3. Ashamed to admit I haven't bothered to label all my quilts, so I hear ya! Will get busy with my Pigma pen right away. Smooth sailing!!

  4. Ugh, it's so awful to fly with blocked up ears. Hope yours open up soon! I haven't labeled all my quilts either, every year I say I will and I do for the first one.....lol. Glad you are on the mend Victoria.

  5. I just went through a heavy sinus infection with blocked ears myself. What the doctor recommended and what helped me the most, was rinsing (douching? flushing?) my nose twice daily. In Germany, we can buy a special little can/tube for this. Here you can see, how it's done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_TPyhC0M4I

  6. Beautiful quilt! I know she feels better that it has a good home.

    We got quite a bit of snow too. It was actually a rare gift as there was unplanned time off from work and we made the most of it, enjoying the time together. It was also nice to work with neighbors helping those that needed some help. Makes you feel good about your neighborhood.

  7. What a treasure. So happy that you appreciate it. And, thank you for the reminder to all quilters to "label" their quilts! Enjoy the melting snow.

  8. What a concidence! I am not signed up for the quilting cruise...but I will be on that same cruise with my husband.
    Hope I run in to you sometime during the week. I would be happy to be able to meet you in person.
    Happy cruising!

  9. To go on a quilting cruise- sounds like heaven!


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