Friday, January 22, 2016


It's been a crazy week here;  Being sick, and a  crazy fire next door to my apartment, yeah, weird...
you may have saw all that on my Facebook page.    But as I lay on my couch, resting, I received some very nice emails from people sharing their projects with me. Thank you for sending me pictures of your works!

Ellinor sent me a picture of her yearly "WORD" quilt, that I usually make every year over at 15minutesplay website...    (We haven't done anything new over there in a while, but there is loads of inspiration still there, if you need a good challenge!)

Ellinor chose ACTION. She said:
For the first time on Jan, 1st I knew my word of the year (learnt about this tradition on your blog). I had no previous experience with piecing letters and had to overwork the A after C had been done J It was such fun to just go for it without much planning and I really enjoyed the hand quilting.

Kim made her word, THREAD, using scraps, machine applique and Hand embroidery!  Loving the scissors binding!

I did select my word, LOVE, right away at New Years, but TIME has eluded me to make it... So I think perhaps I should change my word to TIME!  How precious it is...

I'm looking forward to having some quiet time on the Aurifil Cruise leaving Jan 31st! And some Healthy Vitamin D to kick the yucky stuff out of my system... ;-)  I think I will make my WORD to take with me to hand quilt. Sounds like the perfect, quiet time" project!



  1. Hope you are feeling better today!

  2. Thank you for this post. I had forgotten about the word of the year idea, and there are several reasons why this is the year I should definitely have one. We are expecting a blizzard this weekend, and I am finishing up another project so it's the perfect time to figure out my word. Feel better, stay warm and lazy so you can get better.

  3. Hope you feel better soon and things calm down some. Both of these pieces are great. My word is finish, and maybe I should make a banner to remind me.

  4. Its good to just get it all over at one time. Really thinking about my word, so busy that my life allows only a few moments to quilt these days, but not a cold or ear infections in sight.

    Get well and do enjoy the sunshine on your cruise.

  5. You have had some not so fun, weird experiences lately. Hope that's all behind you and that it's all smooth sailing for the rest of the year. Enjoy your cruise!

  6. I just remembered my word for 2016 "CHANGE". Now I will try to quilt that in a new way. Thanks for the nudge!

  7. What a great idea - love the word idea! It's been a while since I've read blogs and yours is one of my favorites! Must get back to reading them again more often! Hope you get better soon!

  8. Oh Victoria! I do hope you're feeling better soon - it's so miserable feeling sick (and you know you're really sick when there's not even any sewing!!). Take care and I hope "time" helps you get better.

  9. Oh! I have a word quilt...mine for this year is "Finish." I am on a mission to finish 55 UFOs this year (yeah, I gave at least that many). But guess what? My Finish quilt is not YET among the things that've gotten done. Soon, soon.

    V, hope you are a gazillion times better todyay!


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