Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Fat Quarter shop has already recd and has it up on their site! So speedy!!
I don't even have mine yet!

But I will soon!
So if you need it right this second, you can order from them!
Then come back and support my website shop later. ;-)

I've been sewing like mad with MOSTLY MANOR, and I am so happy to be sharing the fabrics with you now! FINALLY! Here are some of the current projects, below.  The pattern sets will be available soon on my website as well,  for Family Album, Big Box Star, and Tumbling Arrows.  In fact, ANY of the templates will work beautifully with MOSTLY MANOR of course!  Be sure to visit the shop:

 **( I am in need of a computer/website/organizational/cataloging/shipping person, know anyone that could apply? Three days a week. Have them email me a resume and questions to inquire)

 This quilt uses my Large Hex and Triangle template set... So many options for play! You can also do stars in rows with this set with no Y seams!  ;-) Or a giant grandmothers flower garden! FUN!

 The Stretch Hex and Tumbler Template set, and my small diamond template made this version... I just love this.. I may float this on a background or go back and make it larger... So many choices!

TUMBLING ARROWS!  Here my Tumbler Template makes this great fast, fun quilt. My Tumbler template also works with the Stretch Hex template (one quilt above) (already available in the website store) or you can use it on it's own. so one template set gives you so many options! The pattern itself for Tumbling arrows is coming soon.
FAMILY ALBUM! This quilt pattern and template set will be available shortly... This quilt uses my LARGE Diamond and Small Diamond template to make the three different sizes you need to make this beauty. Cutting is KEY in making this quilt, and the templates make light work of it!
Big Box Star Quilt!  This LARGE DIAMOND template is available already in my website shop, but the pattern itself is coming shortly...

Still trying to get this one done! Looking good! This is my SMALL Diamond Template! I have a hard time making small quilts, I always want them KING size, so I can wrap up in them... HAHA!

The stripes are so much fun! MOVEMENT! COLOR!  I hope you will love them as much as I do!


  1. love the projects, good to see what those funky stripes look like sewn up! pretty collection...

  2. I am crazy for your stripes! They make great backgrounds. I want every one of them!

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on some of those stripes!!! Love them, it must be so fun to see your designs in fabric. I'd love to hear your process. I'm in the research & development stage of designing a small collection of designs myself. Doing lots of drawing, and Adobe illustrator work! It's so fun. Your enjoyment of our medium is so contagious! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  4. I am itching to have these fabrics and hopefully you will have them soon, I love the small quilt you're showing with the tumbler and the beautiful large star. The fabrics are glorious - congratulations!!

  5. Fabulous fabric line! I love it!!

  6. Love the stripey fabric, works great as a background! Regarding your job posting, check with local NYC art schools and see if any students are interested. I think it would be great fun learning from you.


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