Monday, January 4, 2016

Here we go.

Jenny Egg was lost in my fabric mess over the holiday.

Vacation is over!
Was that a vacation?
Wowza, that was a tough week.

I can't say I'm back to my old self, 
I doubt that will be for a while, 
But I can tell you making the quilt I shared in the last post, 
did wonders for me...
And talking to many friends. I will be off to Duluth end of the week...

So thank you for the support and kind words! You guys are lovely, helpful and appreciated.

New Year, New Quilts, New projects, New Friends!  I hope to meet many more of you this year on my travels. Currently I am preparing for the Aurifil Cruise that leaves on Jan 30th through the Caribbean, With Tula Pink, Carolyn Friedlander, Jill Finley and myself.
February is QuiltCon.
March is a trip to Antarctica with my family.
April is Melbourne, Australia!
So things gotta be ship shape around here... 

I'm also ORGANIZING!!!
New Year to me, is spring cleaning to others...
This is a never ending project, but, on my mind is cleaning out, and finding homes for things that I just don't need. I don't like having a lot of STUFF around, and that includes a BIG stash, Can you believe it?  To much fabric, to many quilts piled up, to much stuff. I do like keep things simple around here... and at the moment my office/storage room is a disaster.  So, things gotta change!

I shared a photo on Facebook of a chair in my basement, at my house...I made the comment that maybe I need to find a better storage solution  ( HAHA) and have gotten many ideas about what to do with these old early quilts of mine. Certainly I know what to do with them, it's just TIME first... I need to hang them, photograph them, catalog them, label them all... FIRST. That's very important to me, I like to be able to have seen where I've came from, and keep track of the quilts I've made.  This is hard to do when you are only at your house here and there, so for now, they sit piled on a  chair like the leaning tower of Quilts...  I'm sure my families at Acacia, (BASICS) in Transitional housing, would be thrilled to have many of them. Some I think are important and I want keep them, some not so much... Many will find homes. But for now... My biggest problem is TIME.

And after this past week, Time is very precious indeed.

Keep each day filled with gratitude, and love.



  1. You have a busy schedule, but it sure sounds like fun too. I hope you have time to take care of yourself too.

  2. busy woman victoria! i just ran across a beautiful quilt by Barbara Jahn--Grief. i couldn't figure out how to send it to you so "google it". I immediately thought of you, it's your style and it reflects some of what you may be feeling. take care, love <3

  3. Wish I was close enough to help you hang, photograph and catalog the quilts... I understand how 'stuff' starts to weigh you down!

    1. I sure wish you could! I really do need some more help...

  4. Oh my do I wish I was in Melbourne if you're heading that way in April, I'm over in New Zealand!

  5. Hi Victoria, I was so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Hugs, thoughts and prayers with you xx

  6. Oh Victoria...I was catching up on your blog and know I'm sending hugs your way. To loose a loved one, just hits the pit of your stomach. Embrace your feelings...
    I also feel the same way about when I have TOO much "stuff"'s like it clogs up my creative flow or something. LOL!! ANd well...gotta love the tower of quilts...thank you for your blog and constant inspiration. I played with my made-fabric after your email response....and geuss what! I got what ya meant...they turned into a border for a quilt and I LOVE THEM!!!! Hang in there and know you are loved.

    1. "They" meaning the tumbler pieces I made from the made fabric. :)

  7. i hear you on documenting! i have over 600 pieces to document before I can move them to new homes.. whew! we need a support group!


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