Monday, January 11, 2016


Revisiting the process of a special quilt.

The options to consider when making a quilt.. I love to try all the possible options before I sew them together... Looking is key. Then Selecting your favorite! Take lots of photos so you can flip back through to see what you love.

This was fun quilt to make. It was quick quilt, and holds a big graphic punch!   It warmed and brought so much joy to my dear friend, who has now been laid to rest.  He often sent me photos of the quilt, and messages saying how much he loved it and  how it helped... So make and share a quilt...  :-)   

Sharing that kind of joy, is just the best.

I'm heading back to NYC today.  


  1. Is that Duluth?? my cousin and family live there.....

  2. I loved many of the versions of this quilt. It's really fun with the little flying geese.

  3. A lovely quilt - in many if not all of its options! It takes a lot of patience to lay out all the pieces so many times; I'm not sure I always have that patience! I'm much better at making quick decisions to move on, others like to ponder many, many options.
    I'm so glad your quilt was loved and appreciated by your friend, and that he had time to do so. I have made and given away several quilts to friends and to my father-in-law in situations where I thought they would be around only for short periods to enjoy the quilts. So in making the quilts I felt like time was of the essence. Several of those quilts have been very much appreciated and loved - probably more so than any other quilts I've made. Fortunately, in a couple of cases, it turned out that the friends who I feared were dying, didn't. Of course, that has just given them more time to enjoy the quilts I made for them. One recently emailed me a picture from his new office where he's hung the quilt on the wall. My father-in-law did die, but not for another three years. I think he probably sat with the quilt I made him in his lap every day as long as he was still able to get out of bed.

    1. Not patience required...
      I lay all the options out quickly, take a snap shot of each only phone, and make a decision...
      Bing Bang Boom. Make a quilt. Move one, Make another...

  4. So many options! I just started messing around with HST's and I'm having a ball - 2 in progress already...
    Sorry for your loss. Glad that you were able to provide some comfort/love with your handiwork.

  5. LOVE this...both the quilt and the story. I am so sorry about your friend but SO happy you brought him joy before he left you. I made a quilt for a good friend with cancer and he called it his 'Magic Woobie'...he took it with him everywhere. I so loved that. Thanks for ALL your inspiration, V!

    1. We had four more years, and I'm grateful for each of those days before he left us. I'm happy this quilt was comfort... Here's to magic Woobie's!


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