Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Log Cabin Forever

"Polished Timber" quilt on cover, by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2015

I'm happy to share this new book out, LOG CABIN FOREVER, in collaboration with the International Quilt Study Center & Museum, and Les Editions de Saxe.  
The quilts in this book are all based on Log Cabin quilts from the IQSCM collection, and were interpreted by each of the quilt artists, with  some guidelines: (below) 

 - compulsory size: ( 59 x 59 inches)
  - colours scheme and colour harmony must be identical
   - one third of the project must be realized with blocs similar to the
    original quilt but the placement in the quilt can be different, the rest
  can be more a variation/inspiration

The exhibit of the quilts is on view at the European Patchwork show now.  I will be going to this show next year!

I wish I could see all the quilts in the exhibit! I have not yet seen the book.  (Waiting patiently)

A photo was sent to me this morning with my quilt, Polished Timber,  
(Hanging and Mine on the cover! woot!)
and a portion of the inspiration quilt.  ( to the left of mine)
Thank you Carolyn and Leslie for the photo!

This was my inspiration quilt, above.  I actually had not EVER made a Log cabin quilt, Can you believe it?

My quilt, Polished Timber,  was paper pieced, (for the log cabin part,) long armed and hand quilted...  I really loved working on his project and am tickled pink that they put it on the cover.  I hand quilted most of the inside of this quilt, the outer borders were longarmed...

And I didn't even take any good pictures before I sent it off... ack!
found these two on my iPhone... sigh... 

At the moment, I find the book here.

When I have more info on availability here, I will pass it on...

I'm off to Concord, MA today, speaking tonight! 7:15

See you there!


  1. Love the way the yellow glows! Thanks fir sharing. And what you'll have next year attending in person. Have a great day Victoria!

  2. Squirrel!! You may be off on a new adventure 😊. Congrats and great job.

    1. haha! I sent it so long ago, I forgot it would be in the exhibit and not just the book... sigh... to funny. But a nice surprise today!

  3. Congratulations of being a cover girl again! Log cabin blocks are one of my favorites.

  4. Whooohoo on being a cover girl, again! This looks amazing, I'd love to see this show with the originals and new versions. Yours is fabulous, I really like how you interpreted the border of the original

  5. Gosh your creative juices just never run dry! Your log cabin is cool. They are fun to make without having to think much. Just cut all those strips. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your pictures and what you are making etc. Always interested in where your going next!

  6. Congratulations! Great interpretation. Log Cabin is brilliant in that the variations can be so unique and stunning.

  7. Congratulations! Beautiful Log Cabin and I'll be watching for the info on the book.

  8. Log cabin is one of my favorite patterns, and the very first quilt I made was a log cabin! Before I knew most of the things you really need to know to make a quilt. I tore the strips of fabric! Because I had never heard of a rotary cutter and realized I could tear the fabric more easily than I could cut it with scissors! Then I hand pieced the quilt. And hand quilted it, using double nylon thread! About half of the fabrics were cotton/poly blends, most were calicoes. I still have the quilt, or the remnants of same. It's faded terribly, in patches, and some fabrics have worn out. But that's because we slept under it, and the dog slept on it, for several years!

  9. Great quilt! Totally lives up to its name.


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