Monday, September 21, 2015

What a week!

It's been a bit of a whirlwind around here this week. Quilters Take Manhattan starts Friday, and I will be teaching all day. 

Then Saturday, (you can still come!). We took over the large auditorium at F.I.T. so we have many, many more spaces! More vending, more quilts, more goodies! 

Ricky Tims and I are lecturing, quilts will be on display, Edyta Sitar will be interviewed for her QSOS interview. Many wonderful quilts will be on display too! 

This is our yearly Fundraiser event for the Quilt Alliance. We welcome your support! Come say hi! It will be loads of fun!

(I'm blogging from my phone, so you may need to copy and paste the link in your address box) I haven't figured out how to make a link via my iPhone.

Then after that Saturday day event, the after dark party is at my home! 100 people in my loft

And just to top that off,
 I get up early  Sunday morning to fly to Boston for the Road  to California cruise to Halifax!! 
For one week I'll be teaching in the high seas! 
With stops in Portland, & Bar Harbor, Maine, St, John, and Halifax! 
Maybe I'll see you while walking around these towns next week! :-) 

Maybe you can cruise with us in January?

I have oodles to do!  I best sleep now! 


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  2. That looks like a polyester top you are piecing in the first photo....would love to know what's going on there!!! I have been collecting polyester fabrics the past while and look forward to piecing something in the future. They do make the warmest of comforters especially when backed with flannel.

  3. So it seems as if you are as busy as ever Victoria! Do enjoy your cruise to Halifax and hope you'll post a few photos for us when you are home again.

  4. I'll actually be in NYC this weekend with the family, so my body will be close but my heart will be there with you! Have a wonderful weekend and a fun cruise.


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