Monday, September 14, 2015

Finding time.

One of my hardest things to do, while having a family and a busy schedule is to find time to see my friends.  I actually feel guilty when I have deadlines and I need to sneak off and do something with friends...But when I do, I get so rejuvenated, I have to ponder, why do I wait so long?  

I make so many lovely friends traveling. When I teach and make connections, I make the effort when I travel, if I am back in there city, to say hi, or have dinner... 

Julie, is one of the ladies.  
Julie was visiting New York, and I was lucky to have time to just sit and chat. 

Some of my pals I only see at market or shows... Although Mary, lives four hours from me, she does sneak into NYC here and there. (In fact, I will be teaching there at a retreat at her shop in PA next June)  But never enough time to catch up. This past week, she came to NYC with Linda from quilts in the barn, whom I met at the red & white show, a while back. 

I left the dinner thinking: That was wonderful, I need to make more time for friends... 

It goes to show why quilting is such a neat area to be involved. 
Women bonding.  
Yes, I have men quilter friends, they are awesome also.  :-) (but wanted to specifically shout out my women pals, today) 

It's been a good, bonding week. 

Quilting has given me a wide support group of women, that I had not ever had before. We can come together and talk textiles, and laugh, or come together and cry at a memorial service, over the loss of a friends husband, and just touch base and say, hey. 
I'm very grateful for my quilting community. 

Here's to strong women.
Strong friendships. 
Strong bonds.



  1. I so agree. I once told new joining members that "you are not joining a quilt group, you are joining a mutual support group that also quilts". I have been, and continue to be, blessed to have them.

  2. Good words, quilting is ultimately about people and loving them.

  3. Couldn't agree more, Victoria. I hang out for my weekly get together with my bestest stitching buddies. We've seen each other, literally, through births, deaths, divorces and marriages. Love my girls.


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