Sunday, February 15, 2015

long weekend...

We came out to our house on Long Island for the long weekend... In time for the season's next snowstorm... I'd rather be stuck by the fireplace then in NYC... although I think NYC missed yet another storm. Oh well!
Don't worry, This old MN gal will get back to NYC just fine in time to get to QuiltCon. 
Have no fear, I took my drivers test in Minnesota snow. LOL...
Snow does not stop me,  A girl has to get her bagel...( a new yorker indeed!)

I had to pull over to snap this picture, This guy had every intention of getting out of his long flat, driveway... until he reached the end and found a massive snow drift right as it met the road... Bummer, I'm guessing he had to walk back to his house... which is not even visible here...  The snow is only barley coming down now, but the wind is quite something in the flat areas... 

It seems much more peaceful at my house... not as blustery...

 and INSIDE my house... It's even more PEACEFUL!!  BINDING! I'm binding the KING sized Double wedding ring beast by the fire...  ( lovely) 

 I finished the binding on my Quilt Alliance, Animals we love contest quilt... Have you made one?  Please do!!! so fun, I'm making a second one... entry deadline is MAY 1st... details here.

Here's an updated picture from Friday... You can see how many more blocks I got made this week on the commission quilt, using Tshirts, to make my "Everything but the Kitchen sink" style quilt... See last post, down below... I'm really having a blast making these blocks... Each one, individual, making a pile of orphans, to use, cut, and add too, so it does not look like a tshirt quilt... love it, love it, love it...

Lastly... a little Valentine I made up for my hubby for Valentine's Day....  I have to finish it off into something for this office...  Isn't it sweet? ;-)

Off to sew together some class samples for QuiltCon! I fly out Thursday early morning...  Must get my ducks in a  row, over here! ;-)  Enjoy your day!


  1. What a weather ! I like snow but I'm cold just by looking the first picture !

  2. ohhhh is a miserable stormy day here in New Brunswick. Snowing like crazy and blowing even worse!!!
    we're getting about 4cm an hour right. Ow...crazy!!!!

  3. It is a good weekend to stay in and sew. Ours has stopped but we have the winds now and way too cold to be out.


  4. I like to see pictures of snow scenes, takes me back home to the Pennines in the UK, but I can do without the aftermath of the snow - ice and slush.
    Beautiful quilting on your huge DWR.

  5. We will welcome you to Texas with temps in 60's & 70's and I can pretty much guarantee no snow!

  6. I admire you for driving in those conditions..... that would scare me!


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