Friday, February 13, 2015

New project begun!

So, I was like a kid in the candy store this week, by finally having tieback in my studio!  Where to begin!  This could be a very long post if I shown you every single thing I did this week!  I'll start with this New Commission quilt.  Something completely out of my comfort zone! Can you imagine?

I was asked to make a quilt for a woman whose son is graduating from college soon, and getting married.  Special right?  Well all the fabrics are clothing from all his years!  From the Blanket he came home from the hospital in, to the Cub scouts, High school teams, PJ's and maybe even some boxers and swim suits!

Truly a unique bunch of clothing, and the request was for a "Everything but the Kitchen sink" style of my quilts. Like the one above...
Making a quilt that does not LOOK like I have 50 T-shirts included...
Great challenge right?

Well, I am so up for the challenge!

Favorite PJ's ... Dinosaurs are  in! I'm fusing all the t-shirt and starchy fabrics using a lightweight Pellon fusible stabilizer.  My Biggest goal is to use as many of the fabrics as possible, and add as much COLOR as I can as well, so that it is a bright happy quilt.  Many of the clothing is blue, white and yellow, but we want a BRIGHT COLORFUL quilt.

Some of the LOVED fabrics have stains, from being loved so much... 
But that's OK, we are trying to use as much of the interesting fabrics as possible.

I'm working one garment piece at a time, and looking at only making one interesting block at a time. I am not looking at the grand scheme of things... I need a completely random set of blocks with many colors. So designing each individual block relies on the info on the shirt, and how can I add MORE color....  So far, I've cut up... His small bib, Apron with his name on it, PJ's, Boxers, Snoopy sling from when he broke his arm, and swimming T-shirts...  I'm having so much fun exploring this challenge, and I'm very excited at the process of this quilt.  I would say this does not look like a T-short quilt, so far... Would you agree?

I'm off to play some more... and PACK for QuiltCon!

Are you going???

I HAVE BUTTONS!!!  ( And maybe tattoos too!)
Find me at Quiltcon, say hi, and I will share a button with you!!!
My schedule will be posted early next week...


  1. Save a button for me, I'm taking your class and am so looking forward to a chance to chat.

  2. Love how you are working on the quilt from all types of clothing. I look forward to seeing more as you join the blocks together. Thanks for all your creativity and sharing to inspire

  3. Awesome project V! I know you will make it sing!!!

  4. I love this and great idea to let each garment lead it's own way in the block it 'grows' up to be!

  5. I love making clothing quilts! I guess that is why I signed up for one of the Gee Bend workshops next week! Save me a button!

  6. I would love to see you at QuiltCon, but it's sooooo miserably far away from Germany :-(
    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Yay for fun quilts! And yay for cool buttons!

  8. What a fun quilt! Like Kathrin I would love to be at QuiltCon but living in New Zealand has ruled that one out!
    Love your two buttons would they be mailable through to New Zealand if you are selling them on your site?

  9. Can't wait to see this quilt finished. You are off to a great start!!! Have fun at QuiltCon!

  10. This looks like a challenging project...looking forward to seeing how you conquer it. Love the square shaped Quilt Con button.


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