Monday, February 16, 2015

QuiltCon schedule.

I am bringing along a section of the Solid quilt for demo's, but I have listed that he quilt can be done in prints as well.  So I all be bringing a section of it in prints as well. It's such a fun pattern to play with, and I highly encourage you, that if you are going to take on a double wedding ring, Try this quilt from my new book, Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern.  The above quilt, called, Strings of Florid Blooms, was done in solids on it's first go around. something I had not done at the time... I find I love to sneak in prints, but stuck to my guns to make a solid quilt... So be it.

I could not resist diving in to my scrap bins to make a very scrappy version of the quilt... I just needed time to jump in... Well, one long weekend at my house, and I have my start at my scrappy version o fit, and all I can say is, I am in love!  Maybe it was the affect of Valentines weekend... maybe I just love prints...


I started with orange, as I had many scraps still left over and at my finger tips, from making Bright Lights, Big City, (also in the book with paper piecing), and found a nice light Amy butler print for the background...  

I then dug out any scrap Kaffe polka dots I could find to make my flower centers....

Then I added some pink....

Then Blue and green! Now I realize a green flower is bit odd... I was looking for purple, but had very few scraps in my bin...  I'm taking it all home with me tomorrow, and will see if I can add to it, change it up, etc... But for now, I scan say I had a very fun day playing in my scrap bins....

And so did Jenny Egg.  

So, if you are in my class Saturday, Please bring whatever kind of fabrics excite you!  You do not need to make my solid version, Make you own beauty! Bring whatever fabrics you love!! Then I will show you the tricks you need to make this beauty, Bing bang, boom!

Are you in 15 Minutes of play class on Sunday,  SCRAPS and a few setting fabric options!  Wahoo!

Let's make some Fabric fly!

Thursday I arrive at Quiltcon, 
Find me at SIZZIX booth #620, come by and see my dies, cut some fabric, and have a photo taken!
Moda Party at 8pm

Demo at 11:30 a.m. on curved pricing in the DEMO area
12:30 DEMO area on SIZZIX booth #620
1pm, Book signing at C&T booth for one hour...
 Then I'll be among JUKI #123, SIZZIX #620 and the QUILT ALLIANCE #936 the rest of the day.

Teaching Strings of Florid Blooms... 
My LECTURE is at  1pm - 1:45... then back to class to teach...
You can always find me after class to sign your book...try the SIZZIX booth first...#620

Teaching 15 Minutes of Play.
12:30 demo with SIZZIX #620 in the demo area

Please say hi, I'm happy to trade a pin with you, or sign your book, or take a picture!
Don't be afraid to say hi! Grab me... say HEY! ;-)

See you in Austin!!


  1. I signed up to be a super volunteer so maybe I will get assigned to be your classroom gofer on Sunday morning. I can't believe - less than 48 hours until I leave for Austin!

  2. Whoa Victoria - I just think your print version is stunning.

  3. Oooh, I love the print version of these blocks sooooo much -- and have a lot of those same fabrics! Wish I were in that class with you, too. Will settle for a signed book and 15MP fun on Sunday. Am thinking about bringing all my solid scraps for 15MP. Yes, I'm such a prints girl, but if you can't make playing with my solids fun, no one can! And there will be some prints in the suitcase, too, for sure.

  4. what a great extension of the DWR design! and I love both the solid colours and the prints.

  5. Hi Victoria, thanks for the little tip of adding more of the color you LIKE....can't wait to try that on some of my your blog and the new book.


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