Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oakshott Cottons....

Aren't these lovely?? 
Check them out!

I did some playing around with them, and couldn't help myself... I cut them all up and had a big colorful glorious mess! I had just the spot near my kitchen, that needed a something new! 

Teaching is great fun, but I get so many ideas watching everyone else that it kills me that I don't get to sew! So! I came home and HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING with these pretties.

And I did not stop until it was done....

Ahhhhhhh, It sure feels good to play.... (and it sure looks cute in my kitchen!)

But wait...

There is more...

to be continued...


  1. LOVE!!! I just LOVE what you glad you got to play and didn't stop! And there's more???? To be continued??? How will I ever sleep???? ((SMILE))

  2. a lovely range of colours and your flying geese look very much at home in your kitchen

  3. The colors are so rich! Your flying geese piece is wonderful! I bet it will make you smile every time you head into the kitchen.

  4. I love the shades in those and they work beautifully into your art piece.


  5. love it. fabric looks wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous intense colors, of course you couldn't resist playing with them!

  7. Love your art. Those colors are great. I know what I would do with them.

  8. I love playing with the liparis line. Your geese are lovely!

  9. Love these new fabrics, and love what you did with them! It's just perfect!

  10. I love those Oakshotts. The colors are so intense and they are more sunstantial than the Kaffe shot cottons. You look like you are having fun!


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