Thursday, May 1, 2014

more oakshott

So, yes! I finished that little flying geese piece I posted yesterday...
But, I couldn't stop... I did some more playing after that, as that is what usually happens!

I cut up the fabrics I had left over and thought, now what shall I set them in? 
Next to my table I had my vintage fabrics and I had an idea! How sweet would it look to use the dusty blue with white squares, as a setting fabric around the colorful OAKSHOTT Fabrics?

I only started with fat 1/8" of Oakshott, so I had to make a little go a long way... 

Good thing I like scraps!
I used up my scraps and put this little top together....

The vintage yardage I had been saving for years, has finally found it's home.
Now time to quilt.  
(and yes, I made both pieces in one day... I was having a lot of fun!)
If I had hd more, this might have become a king size... 


  1. the way you have used these little pieces is just so eye catching, you are certainly the Queen of scraps

  2. Another pretty piece! That vintage background fabric adds just the right amount of extra interest to this piece. SO cute!

  3. so very pretty! So nice when the piece of vintage or old favorite finds its home!

  4. Great little quilt Victoria. ;)

  5. That's really fantastic. I like it a lot.

  6. It's a beautiful piece, the Oakshotts love to be stars I think.


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