Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GEN Q Stitch & Swap!

Gen Q peep, Jake Finch complied a bunch of great projects to swap, all in one fabulous book! You may know GENERATION Q Magazine?  Well, I just love them! ...And not just because they had me on the cover of their magazine! ( although that was kind of cool!)

But because the staff at Gen Q has become some of my favorite people... I mean it! All of them! So I had no problem making a project for their SWAP book!  There are many fun small projects in the book , that you can get together with your group of friends to make and swap; from bags, to scissors cases, to tea cozy's to placemats, and a very sweet mini wall hanging! (made by yours truly) ...which is super super easy, and can be hand quilted or not! ( depending on if they are quilt worthy or not.) HAHA!

Have you ever done a swap with anyone? I have several times, and I can tell you each time, The best things about them are, you get something amazing from someone you might not have ever known, You can learn something new by seeing how others work, and you get more ideas and inspiration!! (Like we need more, right?) ALWAYS!


How does this giveaway work?
I'm so glad you asked. 

Comment on the original Generation Q Stitch 'N Swap (CLICK) post and comment at that site, not here.... letting us know if you've ever participated in a swap and the coolest thing you've ever gotten in a swap. That's it!
All winners will be chosen from the Generation Q Magazine post Wednesday May 7th and posted Thursday May 8th.

4/24        Blog Party week 1                    Melissa T. MaherJeni BakerAnne DeisterEmily HerrickSam HunterLynn Kraus

4/29        Blog Party week 2                    Vicki Tymczyszyn , Carrie BloomstonVictoria Findlay WolfeRose HughesHeather JonesTracy MooneyElaine Wong Haselhuhn

5/6          Blog Party week 3                   Jake Finch, Scott Hansen Karen CunaginMichelle Freedman, Linda Hansen, Kevin KosbabMelissa Peda

book stats - $17.95; 112 pages; color images; 25 projects from amazing designers

links to purchase the book: Gen Q  or to C&T - 


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. seems like another book I will have to purchase!! Already have 3 on the way from amazon

  3. I am in a global Kaffe Fassett Collective swap group. I am thrilled to receive blocks that contain fabrics I dont have in my stash.
    jchiagan at yahoo dot com

  4. Sweet quilt ~ love the stitching!

  5. Love your project in the book. Don't usually do any handquilting but perhaps I might. Also must say I was so thrilled to be a part of the book with the likes of you . . . I'm star struck a little.


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