Sunday, February 3, 2013

Laying out the silks!

Still working on these silks! This is a long one...  But fun to see the quilt come together on my wall...

Now to get them sewn together!

Happy Sunday!


  1. This is the first of your videos I've had a chance to watch. So fun, really great to watch this happen live! Thanks for taking the time to post these... ;-) Allie

  2. I'm loving the video posts. it shows your creative mind in action!

  3. I love your videos--it's great to see how another quilter works--BEFORE and DURING...kinda validates how one feels "in the middle of the muddle"! (LOL)Like when you sigh and sigh and close the door and think--now why did I think that would work out?
    (By the way--I also have a heck of a time changing my rotary blades--somehow I always put them on backward--yikes!) Thank you Julierose

  4. Fun! Love your little framed pinwheel blocks. Have not been fond of pinwheels until I saw these. Now must make some (wishing there were hot pink and black duipioni at hand here; that one's my favorite by a mile).

  5. So much fun to watch you work in real time (sort of). Can't wait to see how many of these are still in the same position for the final layout LOL.

  6. Looking good, I bet those fabrics are even more beautiful in person.

    It is going to a real beauty!

    Happy Sewing

  7. I love watching you work. Gives me a hint on how to start such a composition myself....continue, please!

  8. Love the vids, V. It's almost like getting to play in the studio together.


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