Monday, February 4, 2013

More silk! Getting them together


Digging through my stash I unearthed some more silks to add into the Silk Kitchen Sink Quilt! YAY!
Parts are together.. this week will be the week to finish it!  Feeling pretty good about that!


My friend Karen Griska has a new pattern out called, QUILT KNOTS

 I'm quite partial to these fuzzy guys...

All the quilt si slept under as a kid on the farm, were tied quilts, and many of my first quilts were tied... Have you ever finished a quilt by tying?


  1. That silk quilt is going to be gorgeous!

    I used to finish all of my quilts by tying them. I hand quilted a very few of them but that was so time consuming and I am an immediate gratification type person. Then I "invented" a quilt as you go method (little did I know someone else had thought of it way before I did) about 10 years ago and started doing all of my quilts that way, never knowing other quilt as you go methods were way easier until I started really using the internet a lot. If I had only bought a quilt book or magazine.. my life would have been so much easier. LOL! The last 2-3 years I've exclusively straight line quilted or free motion quilted my own quilts on my home machine.

  2. I really like the look of the silk quilt. I agree that many of those pieces are so beautiful that all you need to do is find a way to put them together.

    The first quilt that I made for my baby to be was tied with red yarn. It was a simple panel with a border and a ruffle for the bound edge.

  3. Your videos are great, especially how you are casual and just talk to us as you play with the blocks- its like we are right there with you having a sewing day together!
    Also, it's interesting how you start sewing the pieces together, by leaving partial seams, even before you have fully worked out a final arrangement, i.e. before you have any little gaps filled in. Much easier than re-arranging endlessly until you know exactly what the final look will be.
    Thanks Victoria!

  4. Love the racecar sewing machine! Dang, that's speedy

    I've never made a tied quilt. however, I guess I have done a version "tying" with a machine stitch on a table runner. Does that count? Hahaha!

    That's going to be a fun quilt!

  5. The very first quilt I made was tied. Some people told me that it wasn't a quilt.
    Yes it was! LOL. All of my others have been machine quilted.

  6. Okay, I confess that I didn't watch the video first. I love your "planning/playing" method of doing this.
    I think you have inspired me to learn to do the split seam.

  7. I have never done that partial seam method... (altho' I have found unsewn portions of end seams when I go to put pieces together and never knew how to fix them w/o picking out and re-sewing)...great video (P.S. you don't need makeup!! ) Julierose

  8. That split seam technique is perfect here! So easy to do and it solves so many piecing dilemmas.

    I have tied often and am planning to tie my Metro quilt, if that is okay???

  9. I have tied many quilts through the years - including a baby quilt made recently. One year for my birthday, I prepared many charity quilts, my dh hosted an open house for me. All of the guests helped tie all of the quilts - it was so fun! Everyone was required to sit and do some tying, even the men and non-sewing women. Thanks for this walk down memory lane!

  10. I have a Brother machine and a Viking that look similar to yours. Mine sew super fast too, I LOVE them!! I can piece really quick. LOL

  11. I only tied one quilt. I was more like a comforter since I used thick batting. The silk quilt is coming along great! Finding more silk - now that's a good thing!

  12. Haven't tied a quilt yet, but might someday. Most of the quilts I grew up under -- made by my grandmother -- were tied.

    Thanks for the split-seam tip/reminder. I've sometimes resorted to ripping back a seam to make room for an addition, and have wished I'd planned better the first pass under the needle.

  13. Hi Victoria - first, have to say I love your videos, I feel like I am getting to know you! I think it's a super idea. I have tied a few quilts - recently for a puffy baby quilt I did it on my machine. I used the stitch that is for sewing on buttons. it goes back and forth a few times then makes a little knot. I did an "X" in the tie-spots, very quick and easy. I have also had to take apart and repair some old quilts that were tied, they had torn where they were tied. In both cases, those quilts had really heavy batting - one had a wool quilt in the middle so the weight of the blanket had pulled the ties and torn the quilt. cautionary tale. thanks for your blog! love it!

  14. Don't Stop the Videos...ok, this is the first one I listened to (have an issue with my speaker but I think it's resolved now) to visit with you like this....and wow - you made split seams so seamingly easy!!!
    Maybe I tied a first quilt or two - don't really remember...not my favorite way to finish off.OH,now I remember...I have combined machine quilting AND tying with "buttons" - more for the effect - but serviceable as well...I liked that.

  15. That was so much fun reading about everyone's experiences with tying.
    Your silk quilt is coming along great!

  16. As we speak, I am tying Diamonds in the Corners. Using a heavy purple thread that was donated. Diamonds is too big to do on my small Singer 2277 so tying made the only sense; I hope to sleep with this quilt when it is finished so am tying tightly.


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