Saturday, February 2, 2013


Just a "GLIMMA" of ideas...using Lotta Jansdotter prints, Windham fabrics... (the line is Called GLIMMA!)
I needed a baby quilt, and had been tossing around ideas. I rcvd some of her new line, and I was struck  right away. My kind of colors! Love her color palette! 

 I had a big box of left over strips in whites creams and grey which made for a nice border!  I fused down my machine pieced hexagon flowers, then set straight away blanket stitching them down.

I set the flowers on Moda Yellow grunge. I'm backing it in pink grunge and leftover yellow grunge! Kind of funny for a baby quilt huh?  This quilt goes to someone who has been very very helpful to me. I think the new momma will be very surprised!

 I must get quilting... once the ideas strike, I prefer not to miss the moment!


  1. Beautiful fabrics and I love the border. Everybody would be very happy to get a quilt like that.

  2. I'm doing EPP hexies, this is a great idea for a quilt..... congrats BTW saw you in the quilt magazine and on the COVER!! very cool

  3. It's darling! I love baby quilts that are not babyish.

  4. I think the border is my favorite part - great job so far.

  5. It sure lives up to its name with all the colours sparkling through the flowers as glimma means sparkle or shine in Swedish. Love the yellow background!

  6. Very nice, Victoria! I love the palette, too!!

  7. This is so sweet! What a great baby quilt!

  8. Hi Victoria
    As usual I love your latest creation! Baby quilts are my specialty --- I absolutely adore them,have them listed on my etsy shop --- take a peek---- reneesews----I am getting into this modern,retro,funky kinda look for baby quilts. Baby quilts are so freeing ,anything kinda works. To me a baby represents a fresh ,free spirit,,, energy,-----that's what I am seeing in this quilt,and I love,love,love it!,,, It reminds me of one I am currently working on----it pops in red and pink bold kind of prints,mixed with muslin that I plan on embroidering sweet words of endearment-----baby,joy, love etc.----well keep inspiring me with your absolutely gorgeous art,yummy colors, and eye catching design sense----you are the best !,,,,
    Keep stitchin'

  9. Love the fabric and hexies. This is perfect for a modern baby!

  10. Sweet! I hope you get my favorite kind of thank you note, a picture of the baby wrapped in this very quilt.
    And of course I hope you get a cuddle and sometime to enjoy the baby :0).
    (And of course I wouldn't mind seeing
    a close up of how you do the machine top stitching around your hexies.)

    Happy Sewing

  11. once the ideas strike, I prefer not to miss the moment!

    I LIKE this!! now to keep working until the idea is finished.....!!!!

  12. so cute! I whipped up a doll quilt yesterday to practice with my new machine. I know just the little girl who needs one!

    glen: amazing what we can do with virtually nothing

  13. 'what an elegant baby quilt, the colors are sweet and the border sets off the flowers perfectly...Karin


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