Monday, February 11, 2013

King babies...

I had a few people ask again for the pattern of my Star Splitter Quilt... Good thing it's on the cover of QUILTMAKER this month! The March/April issue.
I've already seen a couple people's projects in progress! What fun to see how others will turn out! If you make a version of it, Please send me pics, so I can see it! I love it!

Does it look familiar? Yes, it's also on my cover of my book...
Maybe now I can remake my FAVORITE QUILT into a king size one so it will fit on my bed!
Buy Book here. ( support your quilt authors, buy from the author)

Speaking of KING sized....

John brought me my Santa Kitchen SINK quilt back! I had him quilt it for me... As soon as I laid it out to trim, Look who had to come take up residency on it!  KIA!
They have all this empty space to sit, and she has to park right on the quilt...

 Here's a shot of the backing... Now to cut my binding! (below!)

 I've cleaned my STUDIO! THANK GOODNESSS!!!
See anything new on my wall?  "Modern Views"  Yes, a little something new!

My ironing boards got a fresh makeover, so did my chair and my table.... Sheesh, it gets so dusty around here!

So how long will it last? LOL! Perhaps I could have made that the guessing contest!

So nice!I was nominated for Best Designer!
If you felt like voting for me, I may have to hug you!
(Thank you to whomever nominated me! I'm so touched!)


  1. I so envy you your space and all those windows!!

  2. I've enjoyed watching your video visits. Keep inspiring us.

  3. Modern Views definitely makes a lovely statement.

  4. Love your Modern Views! "V" is for...

  5. Modern Views is really nice. Thanks for telling us about your nomination!

  6. Sorry it wasn't me but I'll sure jump over and vote for ya, I'm really enjoying your book too.
    Love your studio

    Happy Sewing

  7. Lovin' the Santas...Kia knows a good thing! That binding is gonna rock! Modern Views - fantastic! Your studio looks so might have just inspired least to refreshen my ironing board cover, and in time maybe more......I voted of course and I'll be waiting on that hug when next we to "who did the deed"...hmmmm....dontcha know a girl doesn't kiss and tell? LOL

  8. Ok, inquiring minds want to know... What DOES that rug say... Lies?

  9. Wow you have a really amazing space to work in. If the "contest" is open I am guessing less than 1hour from these beautiful photos. Also, that binding rocks. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  10. The Santa Kitchen Sink looks great laid out on the floor.

    I'm trying to figure out what that area rug says too.

    My votes are in, congrats for being nominated, your fans love it!

  11. Hello! Congratulations on having the "cover quilt"! Very exciting. I had to laugh ~~~ your puppy on the quilt, as my cats do the exact same thing every time I finish a quilt and lay it out. It's like they think I made it just for them.

    Your studio looks great! I just finished rearranging mine, and cleaning -- where does the dust come from?? I also love your windows, but not so much the buildings across the street. I suppose people in the city get used to the closeness.

    Again, congratulations, and I do love your quilt.

  12. Just that a reader board above the Modern quilt? Let me stream the stock market? Headline news? Breaking QUILT news???

  13. Congratulations on your nomination! Well deserved. Seeing your Star Splitter quilt always brings a smile. Love the Santa Kitchen Sink and your latest Modern Views!

  14. Your studio looks like an awesome place to work. Congratulations on your cover quilt and nomination.
    I hope you don't mind being asked a very non-quilt-related question. Being from mid-Missouri, my daughter and I have always dreamed of visiting New York City. We have an opportunity to come in the middle of March (she is a first-year teacher and will be on spring break) or in June after school is out for the summer. Which would you suggest? Thanks so much.

  15. Hi Victoria,

    Love 'Modern Views' nice and relaxing to look at.

    The cover magazine quilt is stunning, am popping up to the shops tomorrow to see if we have the magazine yet as would really love to make it too!!

    Just love seeing your apartment, so much space..... a girl can dream!

    Annette x


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