Sunday, February 10, 2013

How many?

A variety of quilt tops from the big bin I posted yesterday.This one above was made when I was 19... Better late then never, right? In it's wonky glory, I will get around to quilting it one day...

Two quilt tops from the Gee's bend workshop from last year... the top one was signed by China and Mary Ann Pettway... I love both of these tops, and hope to get them quilted soon!

This is the Retreat quilt above, blocks made from all my pals given to me from the NYC retreat I did a couple years ago! Sheesh! Time flies!
Below, the Family quilt, using up orphans and embroideries that match each member of my families place of birth... Scotland, China, and Minnesota...and NY, where we all live together...

So how many quilts were in that bin?


20 tops!!  And THREE of you picked 20 as your guess, so,
Of Annie, Diane and Karen, One lucky winner is...

OK, You EACH get something... a couple fat quarters, thread and a block of MADE fabric!  ;-)

I'll be emailing you shortly!



  1. I adore the cow you have up on your board. Could we have a play group with that pattern?

  2. WOW, I'm one of the winners!

    Thanks a bunch for showing us what all was in that bin,some fabu stuff for sure.

    Looking forward to my prize pkg.

  3. Hahahaha! 20!!

    Pardon the LoL going on over here: it made my day to see that what I've thought was a scary pile in the "RFQ" (ready for quilting) bin, is actually quite a reasonable number compared to your double-digit collection.

    Thanks for showing them to us, and enjoy the quilting. Just think how stunning that pile of FINISHES is going to be!

  4. thank you Victoria for the quilt show and for me being one of your winners! looking forward to seeing the prize you send me and love your blog and little videos'

  5. That would be how I would clear away those tops too - out of sight:)
    You've got some great tops ready for that future long arm machine!

  6. Thank you for the mini trunk show. Enjoyed see you tops and hearing about them. :)

  7. Fun video, Victoria! Even if I guessed wrong :) Thanks for the show. I saw my block on the signature quilt!

  8. Oh how fun to see your retreat quilt with my block :0), it will be a cute quilt and honestly 2 years ago?
    We've got to have a reunion!

    Enjoy your creations, so fun to see!
    Happy Sewing
    big Hugs too

  9. I am catching up from the weekend and I missed the contest but that's ok. Congratulations to the winners! I am not going to QuiltCon, but I am going to the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Cleveland so I can see your quilts. Here in northcentral Ohio we received barely a trace of snow. We have been very lucky so far this winter! Last year I made a list with pictures of all the UFO tops I needed to finish and I did pretty good on getting a bunch done. I hung the picture list up where I could see it all the time and crossed out the quilts as I got them done. It was a great visual reminder and I could see how much I accomplished.

  10. i'm really enjoying the videos. (i keep missing bonnie hunter's quilt cam)don't you have quilting frame of some sort? i have a gracie for my jukie that i use just for basting. it really didn't work very well for quilting. i load my layers, loosen the tension some and zoom across the quilt. no pins!

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed your last two videos I feel so much better about my bin of tops and seeing that I'm not the only one that has several quilts on the go. I keep thinking I'd like to be a one project at a time kinda gal but it never works out that way.


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