Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Following up q's

The SUN was out today and melted all that snow away! 
The LIGHT was pouring into my studio and it was divine!  I fiddled around in my studio today, not doing much...It was so clean I couldn't get myself to mess it up... I needed a "down" day...
Word of the day? Create!

 My copy arrived in the mail today! The Spring issue of Studios Magazine! Amazing, my studio is still as clean as the photos here. LOL!


A bunch of you asked about my iron(above), and the rug in my sitting area outside my studio... The RUG says LIES.... You can see it below, it was part of an installation I did for a gallery show of some of my photogrpahs way back in 2006, maybe?? I love the colors, and the irony of do my dogs!

Keep sending your questions!
Happy sewing!


  1. love love love all the color. I think pink may be your favorite color. I like orange, myself.....
    wonderful bright area to "Create" in, can't wait to see what turns up Congrats on the magazine feature!!!!!!!

  2. OK, I have been motivated to organize today. I spend way too much time hunting for this and that. Question... How do you organize your books, patterns, and paper stuff?

  3. The pink star quilt is so pretty! The one on the table in the first picture is not the same one on the wall in the video or is it?

    I have one of those irons but mine is gray and orange. I bought it at the Sewing and Quilting Expo several years ago. I had the first one about a year and it died. I feel very lucky I was able to track down the vendor that sold me the iron - the mfg would not deal with the problem - and the vendor sent me another iron. I like the iron when I do alterations because it will not shine the fabric. I like lots of steam and it must be the model I have that I don't get as much steam as I would like. I am glad you have had good luck with yours!

    I have been getting more disciplined with putting things away in my studio as I am done with them. As I work if I am done with something I stop for a second and put it away. It has helped me keep my studio cleaner. I also have been doing this with my tools for my home improvement projects that I am in the thick of doing. This has saved me lots of time searching for the tape measure, hammer, pencil, level, etc. Have a great day and CREATE something!

  4. Enjoyed the video! Considered this iron but went with the Reliable instead due to the fact that you can de-activate the auto shut off. A clean studio is great but get back in there and CREATE!!

  5. I'm always reluctant to start messing up again after I clean up. I strongly believe that a studio is a workspace, not a show place, and so most of the time mine is messy and just barely tolerable. thanks for showing us your workspace, and I enjoyed seeing my little triangle quilt on your wall.

  6. I really love the green cross on your wall. i guess i hadn't noticed it before.
    you have a wonderful space in which to 'create'!

  7. I need to get that issue. I'd love to see more of the inner sanctum. The rug cracks me up. The irony of it is fun. Plus the bold color.

    You seem to work like I do. If I don't see it, it doesn't exist. That makes quite a challenge for keeping a tidy studio.

  8. P.S. That pink star you're working on looks fun! I can't wait to see how that comes out!

  9. What a good word for the day, and all days. I really like the combination of post and video, I can read the post and watch the video later when I have more time. And I love the pink quilt in the first photo and love seeing your studio. I never use a steam iron but have several precious old heavy irons (yes they are electric!).


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