Sunday, January 6, 2013

PLAY weekend!

I have my solids! YAY! Pat was up this weekend, so we hit City Quilter, Friday night, and I splurged and bought some fabric! My much needed Kona's for the Matisse quilt and a few other goodies...Stuff I didn't NEED, but was attracted too...LOL... later I got a couple great sketchbooks from Anthropolgie, that were on HUGE discount... gotta love that! We also strolled threw EATALY, and had dinner, coffee, gelato, (the works)

I took Pat to Marimekko, so she could see the store, (it's so fun) and I bought an infinity scarf, ( below) Cute right? (massively on sale)  I never shop, unless I have someone to take around, and I end up buying more then anyone else..Why is that?
Then we went to ABC HOME... If you love fancy clever home design stores, You MUST visit ABC home...everything from import stuff to dishes, to bedding, furniture, drapes, silk, and rugs....  We walked the entire store, and loved spotting all the funky couches covered in crushed velvet pastels to couches covered in Kantha quilts.  It's a very INSPIRING STORE.

To top it off we saw ONCE on Broadway...It was SO GOOD and ENTERTAINING.... Go see if you get the chance.

We had a bit of sewing time, so I was working on my Matisse squares fusing down the abstract bits...

And I had a bit of help on the iron... Boo says she loves to! 
 (My least favorite part, is ironing...)
I think she just loves my Oliso iron. ;-)

My design wall is so full right now...Projects are "schmoosh-ing" together... Matisse and Santa's are merging! Oh no!  Loving both quilts... Can't wait to have them both done, but, it will be a bit before I can manage that...
Got a few very busy weeks ahead, finishing projects for QuiltCon and then preparing for The QUILT SHOW, right afterwards!
So,  I'll use my "15 Minutes to PLAY" when I need a break! Then I can continue on finishing projects...
(You can still get signed copies fo my book here)

It was a great weekend with Pat.  Sometimes, one needs to get out from behind that sewing machine and play... and that we did... (and ate some really good food)  ;-)

Hope your weekend was fantastic, too!


  1. To answer your question Victoria as to why you spend more when shopping with others...because the fun time is the excuse to let go of your restraints and enjoy yourself! I think we all pretty much do the same.

    Love both your quilts you are working on too. are so must have a full date book to keep it all straight!

    Love the new sketch books you bought...I'd have gotten them too~ ♥♥♥

  2. Lots of great sales now that the holidays are over, that is when I start buying again;) I love to iron too, well, quilting that is, my clothes are all wrinkled, lol.


  3. I love to take a day with a friend and go browsing thru little shops and checking out quilt stores. Lunch is always a part of the day and so much fun.

  4. I do the same thing when I am shopping with friends.... Enjoy

  5. first off, I got your book this week. I was so excited when my amazon order came in. First glance I love it! You did a wonderful job with the book.

    I wrote a paper on Henri Matisse in college. He is one of my favorite artists. So many people don't know that when he started to go blind, he kept going with his art from painting to his paper cut outs. To have that passion for color and shape!

  6. It sound like such a fun weekend!!!

  7. Looks like you two had some fun! I just noticed, you have 1200 followers, that's such a nice round number, and that's a lot of followers too! Could you direct me to your post or show pics of your dresden plates you made with the chevron prints?

  8. The Matisse quilt is looking so cool! Sounds like you two had a blast.

  9. Oooh, oooh, I'm loving the Matisse quilt! It really speaks to me.


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