Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

Here are ALL the blocks I got back! If you still have one, and did not get it mailed back to me, It could go on the back...

 I quickly arranged the blocks to FIT on my wall rather like a big puzzle... Now I will go back and play around with a couple different layouts, make a few extras to fill in, and I may even put a border on this one... It's NOT going to fit my KING size bid yet!  If I rearrange them so it's a SQUARE and not a long rectangle, I think I can get it to work really nicely!

I mean, If I am this close to making it KING, I might as well right? ;-)

I love the pops of Blues, turquoise and lime green so I may add a bit more of that... So many clever blocks!!
Above is Tracey P's block, Love that Bright RED STAR with Santa and a little TREE!  And above Tracey's is,  Kathleen R.'s super cute block! Her block with Santa dancing on the roof cracks me up! She appliqued the dogs and reindeer and Santa, and added some machine stitching all around... So clever! 
THANK YOU for all the Fabulous BLOCKS!!


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  1. Will ya just look at all those fabulous blocks? And it's not King sized yet? Wowee....Can't wait to see what you do with these (cue music: Anticipation.....)

  2. Love them all! How fun! I see mine! I like the one with Santa hiding under the tall fir trees, too cute.

  3. ok this quilt is just going to be so fun! where oh where did you get this santa fabric? I think I may to do something like this for myself maybe make a block or two a week for the next9 months or so

  4. I am loving all the Santas!! I love the imagination of each one, can't wait to see them all - sorry I didn't get in on it.

  5. Wow, it's amazing, and you're right about making it a king-size, if it's so close already, right? It was an awesome idea (and I love seeing mine on there; thanks for letting me play)!

  6. It's going to be a great Santa quilt. Will be watching to see what you do next and how you finish it.

  7. It's gonna be fabulous. I enjoyed playing along! Kathleen

  8. Like I said on Facebook - it's "holly jolly awesome"!!

  9. This is so fabulous already!! You're going to have The Santa Quilt of all times!

  10. Fabulous -- and wow, Santa dancing on the roof!!! This will be THE ULTIMATE Christmas quilt by the time you are done working your magic on it.

  11. I tried to pick out a favorite and couldn't How sharp1 Yes, I say add a few of your own to make it fit your bed!


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