Friday, November 30, 2012

MOD prep

Our NYC MOD meeting is tomorrow, so I thought I better get my challenge square made!  We did a ART block challenge, by dividing up a Kandinsky painting, into 6 inch squares.... Everyone is given a square and asked to try at least ONE new thing on the block.. I used some tulle overlay, mesh, and randomly sewed, stitching lines to accent the painterly effects of the painting... I worked very quickly on it, then went back with some marker over for some added depth...Maybe I should rub some alcohol over the sharpie marker to get that watery effect... hmmm... ideas.... It's kind of crazy,(maybe I should stop while I am ahead?) ha! but I think when it's all together, it could look really cool! I can't wait to see what other blocks look like.

YAY!!! It's Friday!!!! 
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              Nov 26: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Nov 27: Bonnie Hunter

Nov 28:
Nov 29: Pat Sloan
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  1. i remember doing Heronomus Bosh's Children at Play with over 700 12 and 13yr olds. Not all mine but from 20 something schools. It was huge. and so much fun.
    Looking forward to the results. Have fun

  2. Love that little blip of coral pinking at the top! Looks like a fun group!

  3. What a fun challenge! Looking forward to see the whole piece!

  4. It looks like you did a good job. I want to see the whole painting (and all the pieces together.)

  5. FUN! Can't wait for the 'whole' picture! Back to my XMAS projects!


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