Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nice weekend

Cleaning my studio, I have decided, as I have mentioned in the past, the most brilliant way to get motivated...  It is now a weekly habit...Instead of monthly! ( or bi-monthly!)  I whipped up a project I had laying about here for the last year... Put it away or get inspired? I say Get inspired!  

It may taken me awhile to figure out that this system actually works for me, but I eventually get around to it! Better late then never, right?

Sunday, with Studio cleaned,  Boo and I snuck off to go Ice skating at Bryant Park. We had a blast, and turned the day into a shopping spree for her... Lucky girl!  It was a necessity shopping trip, new winter coat, socks and all that jazz...

Then, as I was about to collapse for a nap, I realized, I was supposed to take the Christmas card picture!!! I'm late with it, and the whole goal for the weekend was to get the picture taken, and cards ordered ASAP!  We're leaving for Tanzania, Africa in less then two weeks! EEK!

Well that sure gave me a burst of energy! Out the door we flew, raced up the Central Park, straight to Strawberry Fields. Then "Miss Wiggly One", went through her, "let's really stress mom out and make faces every-time she takes a picture" mode...

Just look at that sneaky face in the picture one...

Then the "I'm so sweet and angelic" pose....LOL... ha!  
or is that the, 
"Please stop taking pictures of me" pose?  hmmm, hard to tell...

Well, I may have taken 50 pictures, but I did get ONE that will work!   

HA!   Mom wins!   SCORE!!!

Do anything FUN this weekend?


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  1. very beautiful daughter - Africa wow what a trip that will be. I'm envious

  2. Fabulous photo! I agree, cleaning the studio is the best motivation. I am trying to keep mine tidy between projects. What did I do this weekend? I bought a glass kiln!

  3. Sounds like fun. One of my colleagues is doing some amazing research in Tanzania right now. He is there off and on; has been for a couple or three years now. He is with the Hero Rat organization. Are you familiar with it? They teach African pouch rats to detect landmines and tuberculosis. I think now, they are beginning to train them to find live bodies in rubble (e.g., after an earthquake). It is really amazing research.

  4. Boo is getting so grown up, my goodness you are going to have to beat off the boys! Africa for Christmas, wow. Do you have family there?

  5. what a fun day! True about organizing being an energizer :D Interesting above about the pouch rats project....

  6. ok I love that antique stocking in the background wow
    did you make if from an antique quilt or did you buy it that way?
    Boo's pictures are wonderful
    LOVE the last one, can't believe how grown up she looks!!! how did that happen
    too fast!

  7. Bee-ootiful Boo! Has she ever considered fashion modeling? She has the personality and looks of a cover girl....and a great sense of style. Love that collar with the black quilted coat.

  8. very fun fabric shots and a BEAUTIFUL girl to go along with it! I need to get a family shot for the cards too! When..oh when...will I get everyone in ONE place at ONE time?? ;)

  9. Oh Man! Hasn't Boo grown! Love that cheeky twinkle!

  10. Victoria, your daughter is so pretty!

    Do tell us the circumstances for your trip to Tanzania. It's just a bit out of the way,I wouldn't think of it as a vacation destination, no reason why it couldn't be.

    I love Africa, and would like to visit some of the countries. My dh worked there off and on throughout his working career.

  11. Such fun photos; I do love those "real" pictures!

  12. I had a FABULOUS weekend! Almost all the gifts are made or bought, still cleaning the house (but this is EARLY), figured out the cooking, took my daughter to the Nutcracker and took a nap!!! It was glorious! Thanks for showing the Star template again. I keep forgetting to put that on my list! Boo is so beautiful! Have fun in Africa!

  13. That is so funny -- I think she's learning to push your buttons, sneaky girl! She's so beautiful! And growing up way too fast!


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