Tuesday, March 13, 2012

who what where why?

BUSY BUSY week.  Trying to get organized to go RELAX....  and In the HUB HUB of all that,
 my 15minutesplay site disappeared...  Not my doing... some weird blogger thing...
BACK UP YOUR BLOGS!!! You never know!

Hang tight...though, I  am off to teach at two schools today...
No time to deal or freak out about this nonsense...

UPDATE:  15 minutes is back up and complete! pheew!
I have a computer helper do all that stuff, so I don't know how to answer your backup questions...
I get emails to do mine as reminders... which I forward to my computer person.

But I bet a "google search" for your type of blog will tell you how to back it up...

Better to be safe!  You never know!


  1. I agree - how do you back up a blog?!?!?!?!

  2. I triple that -- how do you back up a blog???

  3. It's always something.... now we are addicted to our computers... I can't imagine a day without mine!
    I think if you back up your computer to a disc the blog would come along, right?

    good news...another Basics quilt going to the Bronx.

    Happy Sewing and deep breaths you and Mickie will have a great time.

  4. uh oh don't tell Mickey I spelled his name wrong :0(
    How could I forget M-I-C-K-E-Y MOUSE?

  5. Best of luck getting 15 minutes back. We need it!

  6. How do you back up your blogs? I would be heart sick if I lost my little Computer Art Journal!

  7. And somehow, magically, it (15 minutes play) has re-appeared. It was gone this morning, but it is there now. Perhaps you can now relax a wee bit.

  8. Yes, please tell us how to back up a blog. I'd hate to lose all my posts and stuff.

  9. I would like to ditto Richard's comment...I LOVE the wonky star...the colors sing to me! Thanks for showing it. Have fun on the Disney ------!


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