Thursday, March 15, 2012

Colorful Interview: Kim H.

One can never reflect on color enough...  When I think about COLOR and my friends, I think of my friend KIM right off the back.  We both have a soft spot for "Pond scum" ooey gooey kind of colors...  We laugh over what I consider pond scum, and she considers baby puke...  Stuff like that. She has a playful  mix of "off the beaten path" colors that when I see her quilts I just sigh in sheer delight! Throw in some of her fabulous sense of humor and well,  it's just all good!  

So here we go. Let me introduce you to Kim H. and her color palettes.

Feels So Good to be a Gangsta

Name 5  you think are "ODD" together....  or weird combos?
That's tough to say, because the tension of being "odd" is something I'm drawn to.  I love a little of the unexpected (or even "ugly" by some standards) in putting colors together.  Something that keeps my visual interest and makes me want to keep staring at a quilt....but I think this is a fragile balance - and quite personal.  To me, that's what makes playing with color - and quilting- individual and fun!

Is there a color you find you always use?
Any version of yellow-y, green-y, baby puke, pond scum, or absinthe... So versatile, I consider these colors neutrals! They go with everything.

What three colors do you use most together?
Many of my quilts have some kind of green, pink and brown

Can you relate your favorite color to something in your childhood?
Great question....I hadn't ever thought of this before, but I guess the answer is yes.  I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, where the landscape consists of flat prairie, few trees and ponds, wheat fields, and
straw-colored grasses as far as the eye can see.  My brother and I were always outside exploring, digging and wandering. I suppose I was surrounded by these dirty, yellow-y colors.
And being a child of the 70's, I was no stranger to the green or gold appliances!

What color makes you feel happy? 
Green!! From pond scum to lime, from cerise to olive.

Can you tell me why?
To me, it represents life and liveliness. It is a vibrant, active color. It is also such an interesting color; green can look quite different in different lights.

Is there a color you avoid?
Although I wear a lot of black, in my
quilts I tend to avoid black.  It often seems abrupt to me.  Especially solid black or true black.  I think it ties colors together, but also takes some of the fun out of the relationships between other colors.  A lot of the prints I use have black, but more for detail or depth.
Having said that though, I could see making an all-black quilt - different versions of black tonal prints - from blueish to brownish shades.......mmmmm.....

Thanks, V! Enjoyed thinking about these questions and playing with the
colour lovers palettes!

I hope you enjoyed hearing Kim's thoughts on color.  I love picking people brains about why they pick the colors they do.  There is often a good story in there.  Kim's playful mix, sense of humor and great quilting skills makes for some really lovely quilts. Thank you Kim for playing along!


  1. Hmmm! Still trying to ponder what Pond scum & baby puke look like!

  2. what fun!!! and now I WANT Kim's quilts.. all of them... she has fabulous color 'style'...

  3. Kim may be my color twin separated at birth. Long live mucky colors and the fabric shops that stock them... Love her quilts!

  4. Thank you Victoria. I've just found another kindred spirit.

    I love that Kim put her color cards together in PROPORTIONS--reflective of the amount they are used in her quilts. Brilliant.

  5. that's what i'm talking about! our bedroom is chartreuse and has been for 4 or 5 years, still love it. it looks different in different lights (times during the day). pond scum, pink and aqua, mmmmmm yummy! :>)

  6. I am really enjoying the color interviews. They have really made me think about my color choices, and how they have changed over the years. For the first fifty years, I would have said blue when asked about favorite colors. Not green blue, or teal, or turquoise, but electric, true, or sky blue. Now, I barely have any in my stash. I think I can trace it to my discovery of soft pastel painting. For the first time, I really because aware of all the wonderful colors out there. I would find myself counting the number of greens I could find on one tree. Now, I love to play with color. I sometimes feel in a rut, but I am working on branching out. This series is a great place to do that.

  7. Great interview, Kim! Love your color choices and the quilts!

  8. While I don't share Kim's love of baby puke colors, I admire her ability to make odd colors work. Her warmth and wit are evident in everything she does. Keep on playing!!!


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