Saturday, March 10, 2012


Today I finally got to do what I've wanted for a long time! I got my friend Kim, to pick out five fat quarters for me, that SHE likes, not what she thinks I might like. I love her choices in colors, so I was very curious to see what she pulls out to look at... More on that later... You will see her colorful interview on Thursday.

 It was sweet, she labored over what five were the right ones to select for me.

Here's what I picked up for myself. I went in to buy a piece of fabric with a Red, pink, green Blue palette, and came out with that , PLUS a load of yellows and pinks and a couple oranges... 

I have no plan for the pieces I picked out, I only selected what interested me. Inspiration pieces...

E, Kim and I spent our $$, then headed to my place to sit and sew. We took something out to look at it, and ended up sitting down right were we were, and we never moved!  Right in the middle of my loft...(right next to nice cozy furniture.)

I guess that's OK.  ;-) It worked well for us.
Kim was giving us some applique lessons and tips!! 
( I got my applique FACE TIME that I wanted the other day!)

Dang! Don't my points look so much better!  Thanks KIM!
I'm loving my quilt... and my lovely friends...

Go grab a pal. Sit. Sew. Learn from each other...

What a great day!

Do you sew with your pals?


  1. ViVi - what a great idea to take a picture of the FQs you buy! What better way to show what you like!
    I bought some last week and I am going to find them and take a picture of them! Looks like it was a great day. I do work on a quilt at church for their raffle but that's about it.

  2. Aren't you all funny sitting on the floor instead of the comfy couch!!! You are right, it is wonderful to sew and be inspired by friends. xo

  3. I don't get as much face time as I'd like! Now I'd like to see you relax and applique, it never looks like you are relaxing and enjoying the process.

    Looks like the three of you are having fun :0)!

    Happy Sewing

  4. The points are awesome! Yay! I just love that applique pattern you's got 'fun' written all over it!

    Just a you love your black floors? I was thinking to do some of ours in black, instead of the traditional grey here in Maine. I'm just wondering if you feel like your constantly needing to run a dust mop over them? Just wondering? Thanks!

  5. ok love the 5 fabrics she chose
    that green is just so fun ! the one fabric I really love is the pink in the last fabric picture on the right
    whose fabric is that I need a piece of that!!!!
    I am loving your applique project
    how did you make the pattern for it?

  6. Kathie, I this post

    I showed the Paper snowflake I made for this pattern. I made several patterns, and each time taking elements from each snowflake and re drawing it on the next one. I made. I want to do a very complicated one, but kept this one fairly simple to "learn"... I then made a large paper template to get it to scale,I bought 108" black backing fabric, then folded my fabric, as I would a paper snowflake, drew out my pattern. Pinned all the layers together before cutting it out all in one go...just as you would that paper snowflake.

  7. It sure looks like fun - need to get together with friends to sew! Your top looks beautiful, even though applique is still scary to me...
    Somehwat unrelated: do you plan anything for Basics on National Quilt day (or are you on the fishing expedition?)? I saw there are quite a few free patterns out there and was planning on sewing along for a BASIC quilt.

  8. Great post - love the way the black and white is turning out - you will love this one when it's done.

  9. Sewing with quilt pals is the greatest....and trading fabrics and tips is a wonderful dividend! I could never be a solitary quilter!!!

  10. Didn't have time to sit face to face with my pals - but I did feel like I was sewing with friends during my most recent project (I blogged about it yesterday). I felt influences from all across blogland, thanks to all!

  11. I often sew with pals. We have a blast when we get together!!! I can't sit on the floor anymore though but we have one young friend among us who does it so we can enjoy through her. Rest of are too old and can't get up if we sit down on the floor. This is the reverse of that "help, I've fallen condition". Gotta keep a sense of humor........ :-)

  12. birthday greetings! jackie of cvqw sent me over. my b-day was national quilting day [st pat's day ... everybody celebrates my b-day] and this year was my best [my age also ends in two, now, and it's also my sixth year of the dragon ] family and friends came, two cakes were brought and consumed; lots of laughter, story-telling. my daughter and her granddaghter came down from the big city for the day, poor things, there wasn't another person under 65 here during the day, but they were polite and cheerful!


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