Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome home to squishies!

The fun part of being away is having lot's of squishy packages when you get home!
Mark Cesarik has a new line out with Free Spirit. 

Cosmic Burst comes out in April... Thanks MARK! I have some favorites already...
I am LOVING the hot PINK with GOLDY color print...(lower left hand corner)
 and also in the green and the Straight up gold! The colors are very saturated, I like that!
I find I have been searching for a good BLUE tonal, and then I flip through the packet and there it is!

I didn't waste anytime when I got home yesterday...
 I cut into Mark's fabrics straight away!!

I missed my JUKI desperately...

 Then I opened another package from friend Carolyn Forster 
and inside was her new book!
Many great ideas for Hand Quilting!  I see some great ideas I need to try!
Go check it out! 
by the way,
She also has Quilting-on-the-go
Thanks Carolyn! Such a nice surprise!

Stay tuned for PICS!  Thank you for all the beautiful quilts!!! Keep them coming!

 It's so nice to be home...



  1. Great fabric! Now I know why your machine was humming while I was talking with you yesterday! I am sure by now it is much bigger! Glad you are home and good luck at Basics today!

  2. Glad you made it home. The Cosmic Burst line is beautiful!

  3. The fabric is beautiful, but the fact that you got to play in your own home makes it special. Glad your mom is progressing well enough that you are home.

  4. Welcome back home. Glad to know your mom is well enough for you to leave, and get back to all things quilty.

  5. Welcome home! Great fabric you have there. Have fun with the Basic event.

  6. It's good to see you back. What fabulous fabrics you have over there.


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