Friday, February 24, 2012


How sweet is this guy?  We all tried so hard, to get a smile out of him... ;-) 

Pictures from Today's BumbleBeansBasics Distribution Event are up at my flickr site!

Today's Event was Special, as it was for Women and their families in the Acacia Network's
( Also known as BASICS/Promesa,m they made a new name & Logo! )
Newest program, La Casita.
They received QUILTS and COATS for their children!

This special program within the network, Helps women get their entire lives back on track, 
through Recovery.
They enter the program for drug/alcohol Rehabilitation, 
and they are allowed to bring their children with
 them to provide a safe home for themselves and their family for 1-2 years!

Mama's and kids.
A safe place for getting their lives back on track.
It gets them out of shelters, teaching them: How to stay clean, how to keep a home, 
parenting classes,  get skills to work, write resumes etc etc...  It's such a fantastic
program! When I heard they ( Acacia Network)  were taking over this facility,
I said I wanted "IN" to help them in anyway I can.

Why is this so special to me?
I've been in recovery for 22 years. It's a full circle moment for me.

Now, the Acacia Network, is building a brand new building in the South Bronx, (one of the five poorest Congressional Districts in the United States.) to expand and house more women and their families. 

I have joined in and will be organizing a "Women's Room" in the new facility, this will be a sewing/craft room/library room, where the woman can learn basic sewing skills. Skills that may provide them work, and also will be teaching them to make quilts for themselves and others in the program.
It will be a place to work on Bonding & Friendships, Community, and a way for each of them, to give back to the people who have helped them.

 Your Beautiful Quilts have provided many, many smiles.  Thank you for your Generous Donations!

 We had a FULL HOUSE today... The children were Squealing with Delight!

 My self, and Raul Russi (Head of Acacia Network), with two mother's who received quilts today.

Please keep the quilts coming!  

We're planning our next event ... Will keep you posted!


From myself and The Acacia Network ( AKA BASICS)


  1. blessings to you for your good work here.

  2. This is such a great post V. It's so wonderful to see the recipients with their quilts! I think starting the Women's room is the best idea ever. Good luck with it and keep us posted.

  3. Very heart warming. I know your heart is bursting right now. What a wonderful cause and wonderful day for everyone. You are one special gal that's for sure!

  4. Just wonderful! Putting smiles and tears both at once on my face :)

  5. I got goose bumps as I read this...and then I saw my quilt and started to bawl! Thanks for all you do -- it makes my heart feel good!

  6. Thanks for sharing pictures from this event! I found a flickr photo with a baby quilt - it makes such a difference when you see somebody holding a quilt you made!
    What a perfect idea: Women's Room - how does the (adapted) saying go: ...Teach someone to "sew/ quilt" and you keep them warm for a lifetime.

  7. So glad it went well today and that know we quilters do make a difference. Just finished quilting a quilt for BASICS today!!

  8. Now this is the kind of news I like to hear! So sick of war, politics, and greed. My faith is restored!!!!!!

  9. What a fantastic day!!! You are doing good work Ms. V! I would have spent all my time trying to tickle a little smile out of that darling boy too...

  10. V you are an inspiration! What lovely quilts have been donated. I love the idea of the women's room; do you need basics for stocking (thread, scissors, needles, etc)? I would love to pack up a box for you.

  11. What a wonderful event (it's an honor to see my quilt up there). Fabulous that you are organizing a sewing room. Sending best wishes to you and to all the women who will benefit from this program.

  12. Oh my what wonderful photos!!! I had wondered when there would be another event - seems so close to the last one - amazing that you had so many quilts to give!! Fabulous... What a beautiful thing you are involved in..

  13. What a cutie patootie! And so many smiles on the faces of the women... What a blessing to be able to contribute to this effort. :- )

  14. The SMILES!!! How absolutely beautiful! You are an inspiration. What do they need for the 'sewing room'? Fabric, thread, needles, etc.? What else can we do?

  15. I Congratulate you on your 22 years of recovery and also in helping others in their recovery!

  16. so very proud of you Victoria... what a lovely day and amazing announcement. People must be so excited!

    I want to help you anyway I can... you know my number sweets!

  17. So happy for you, V ...
    YOU have made a difference in the lives
    and a connection to so many.

  18. This post touched me in so many ways. I am a quilter but I am also a mom of a 21 year old daughter who is struggling with her drug addiction. This is her 3rd time in rehab since she is 17...I have come to the conclusion that I will live in fear of loosing her till I die. She had a great job, car, house etc, and was recently on the streets...This post and you have given me hope that someday maybe she will stay clean. Thanks so much.

  19. OK so after reading the comments, I'm not the only one to have sat and cried at my desk when I read this. YOU ROCK, GIRL, Thanks for all you are doing,

  20. Hip Hip Horray (shouted 3 times) is the traditional cherr here and you deserve it.
    The event is wonderful can't imagine being a kid in NY without a winter coat.
    Made me feel all warm inside to see the gal all happy wrapped in my quilt. It was all worth it.

  21. Victoria, is a queen sized quilt too big to send? Is there a size preference for the quilts? And big congratulations on 22 years!! Hope you had a party and a really big cake, and bought some fabric to celebrate! My husband has been in recovery for 26 years.

  22. I love the work you do. In support, Iwould like to contribute some of my extra quilting supplies to your Sewing Room. Please post where and when to send them along!

  23. Tears here too - many congrats to you, special lady...22 years, great BASICS event (the faces are priceless), your mom, your new project, so is good. Thank you!


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