Thursday, February 23, 2012

Colorful Interviews - Pat Sloan


Today's thoughts on color are with my friend Pat Sloan. Pat has a fun way with color, not only doe she have a flare for colors in her quilts, but you can see her favorites in what she wears. ;-)

Name 5  you think are "ODD" together....  or weird combos?

Most color combos work for me with the right fabrics... but a few that I don't feel the love for...
   -Black with Navy
  - all pastels together.. too bland
  -  mauve .. that rose mauve 70s color... I can not get used to the idea of ever using that color with anything... so ANY color  with mauve is just wrong.. ha!
I know that whole mauve thing... but I must say, I kind of LOVE your palette of ODD colors... Why is that? I'm finding I really like people's ODD colors!

 Is there a color you find you always use?
Yellow...i have a hard time NOT using yellow somewhere in a project.

Name Three colors you use most together.
  this is HARD .. it varies wildly depending on what I'm making.  Yellow with Navy and Green would be nice as I'm craving a Navy Green combo right now. I really can't say I have that I have a standard combo.  I do use a lot of green.... olive greens...

What color makes you feel happy?
Yellow! It has been my 'first' favorite color of all time. It's the color of sunshine, and sunflowers, and happy smiley faces... it's the best! A close second is Aqua/Red and Aqua/Orange combos.. right now. But at a point in my life I craved browns and reds and creams... so it changes!

Is there a color you avoid?
Up until January I avoided grey! Now I have some grey/gray/grey happening (with ... drum roll.. YELLOW!) See my blog post here.

 Make a palette that you think is very YOU?
Since I'm craving a blue and green..which by the way I'm NOT making but really want to...that is what I think of as 'me' at this moment in time.  A few months ago.. aqua orange....

And Please Show us a favorite quilt you've made that represents these colors you use often?
This pattern is one of my all time favorites. I'm going to make it up in my next fabric line to show what you can do with it. 

Thanks Pat for sharing with us your STASH!  It's so neat and visible!  

Be sure to stop by Pat's BLOG and tune in on Mondays for

Next week Thursday, Michele from the Quilting Gallery!


  1. Great insight. I find it so interesting to see the colors people find odd. I'm really enjoying these color interviews.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you for asking me to be part of your color parade!!! IT was SUCH fun to think about your questions. And I STILL want to make Navy and Green... mmm... maybe I should just DO IT? you know.. I can 'Channel Victoria'.. wink! Smooches to you!

  3. Am really enjoying these interviews. I'm loving everyone's "odd" color combos too. Maybe because they are different? Not on trend?

  4. Great interview, thanks! Hope your mom is doing well, and feeling hopeful. Cardiac rehab is such a reassuring process.

  5. Love these interviews and hearing how others view colors. I get a kick how some no-no colors for some are go-to colors for others.

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  7. It's fun to see how others use different color combos. I am also an olive green fan. My daughter still gags at the thought of the ice blue and avacado green that I chose for my wedding colors in 1968. I just knew I didn't want the lemon yellow and mint green that my aunt chose in 1959. LOL! My daughter's color was burgundy in 1995. Colors and styles change and we all see and use color differently. And that's great because color is what makes the world such a colorful, wonderful place!

  8. About mauve.....whoever invented that color, anyway???

  9. I love playing with bright bold colors on Quilts please come buy also see my work!!!! join in that would meen so much ive been quilting since 1999 <3 i love learing & seeing others Quilters work a Quilt is a work of art!


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