Friday, February 3, 2012

this, that and dustbunnies

A couple goodies to show you today!  I've been cleaning..and when that happens, you know how easy it is to get sidetracked when you find things, and INSPIRATION HITS you like a MAC truck...  (always when you should be doing something else!)

Kathie had sent me this block months back, and I worked very quickly on it, adding bits and pieces here and there,and then I got stuck.  So I put it away for a bit and would pull it out every now and then to see if anything light bulb would go off.

Today it all came together.  I dug out my reds, and a bit of BLUE and wee scrap of pink, the yellows and it all came together lickety split!  Love that!
I also dug out some vintage orphans that I may add on here...  Not sure I'm 100% done but I like where it's at right now. I may still do a bit more playing....

Then Thomas Knauer sent down some of his new line to play with, called FLOCK for Andover... You can see more of his lines here. I jumped in to play...

I took off running on the theme FLOCK, and decided to try the birds in the air block.

I grabbed some minty GINGHAM shirting fabric to set the blocks.... 
Gingham, I love gingham and think it's very under used these days.... so sweet!

I used up every bit of the gingham that I had, I even had to piece every last square scrap together to finish it.  The gingham is very sheer, and you can see all the threads on my design wall right through it...
It's not pressed yet in this picture, because I was, at the time I took this making a new IRONING BOARD,from an old falling apart IKEA cabinet I had.... 

Take the door, wrap it in Batting, staple it down and wrap in Fabric of your choice!


It was the perfect size to lay across my file cabinets that are always in the way! So I can sew, turn to the right, and press.... easy peasy! 

Now, I  gotta get this place clean...Jackie is coming down in a few hours! 

 Happy Friday!


  1. Victoria if you actually posted this great eye candy at 12:06.Thankyou but now go to bed and sweet dreams.

  2. Great quilt! I hope you saw Sujata's post today with a similar little baskets block. It's fun to see your two ways of working with the same start. Love the ironing board too!

  3. Hi, Victoria. Loved the way the basket quilt turned out so far. Something about the reds, pinks and the dash of blue... Cooool idea for the ironing board.
    best, nadia

  4. Love your idea of appliquéing the orphan blocks.Totally agree with you about gingham. Think plaid is underutilized too!

  5. Don't worry about cleaning... we most likely will mess it up again ;) Love what you are doing and I can't wait to hop in the car this morning! See you soon!

  6. love seeing your workspace!!! very cute ironing board cover! oh but the quilt on the wall behind your sewing machine looks fun!

    I am so thrilled to see your basket quilt challenge
    just beautiful and very Victoria....
    thanks I am thrilled that you took the challenge.

  7. yep, the gingham looks fabulous with that fafbric!

    And look at you getting all macgyver on us. great re-use for the cabinet door/ironing board!

  8. I need to make me an ironing board. I love yours! And the basket quilt looks great.

  9. It is fun to see Kathie's baskets and your take on them! Those logs have to be pretty tiny!!! Love it!

  10. I am always so impressed with your creativity. The basket quilt is really fun. I really like the way you used the gingham with the new fabric. I have always loved gingham, especially red and blue. Thank you for showing us your work space. It is really nice to know that wonderful creations can come from a space the same size as mine. No more excuses.;-)

  11. I love the gingham too! Complements the other fabrics beautifully. Also love your work space.

  12. What a fun post - I always love to see your "inspiration". You are amazing. The ironing board solution is genius. Perfect!

  13. Love the gingham! I have some I need to put to use. On the sheerness of the fabric....I have some plaids that are somewhat sheer and had thought I might need to use a lightweight interfacing with it to "bulk" it up. Now I'm rethinking that...would sure save a step!


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