Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend round up!

Our NYC METRO MOD (BLOG) Meeting was yesterday, and I was very impressed by many new members and our art quilter's in the group! We have such a nice mix of talent that there is something for everybody! Main guild website is here.  More pics will be up at the BLOG shortly.
 This is her first attempt at making a quilt without using a pattern. Looks great!
 Christa learned paper piecing, and even broke out of the box in her layout... Beautiful!
 Using new color palette and piecing stars for the first time! Gorgeous!

 Jackie's Amazing Paper piecing!!

 Susan's African art quilt for a show at the Brooklyn library... Beautiful!
 Michele's lovely landscape! Inspiring!
 Debby's thread painting, Knock your socks off!
We also did a Q.S.O.S. interview, I interviewed Kim, and enjoyed learning the
process of interviewing, and learning more about my friend.
You can learn to do these also. Thank You MEG for coming to teach!
Jackie and I also played with my Triangles Galore block and Made a Paper pieced pattern for the  block which works LOVELY!!!  

PDF IS HERE. Or under tutorials above.

What are Jenny Egg and KIA looking at?

 They are admiring the CHERRYWOOD fabrics of course!!

Busy busy week ahead... One week before I head to MN for 10 days... 
(and I maybe computer free during that time...)  Let's see how organized I can get.. LOL!
Are you good under last minute pressure?


  1. L O V E the diversity of the quilts!
    I think I want to try that block...soon. So pretty!

  2. Love this post. So great to see work that we might not otherwise be able to see. I love the cherrywood, but the triangles galore really captured my eye. The first quilt that every made me say "I want to make one of those" is the lone star quilt. I have loved points and triangles since. (No, I have never made one of those quilts). But I was excited to know you were going to be sharing a pdf. Thanks! Now, if I can just figure out a fabulous fabric layout... Yours is stunning! Hugs!

  3. oh my love that cherrywood fabric quilt on the floor so far :)
    its always fun to visit your blog for show and tell
    you have a great group of inspiring quilters.
    Jackies quilt is to die for.....and I Love the thread painting what fun,
    oh its fun to see all the quilts all inspiring
    thanks for sharing

  4. Wish I could join this group - great talent! Hey, my daughter just bought us tickets to NYC April 20 - 22!! That's all I know so far.

  5. Some great stitching there!... Looking forward to your PDF triangles..

  6. I'm admiring the Cherrywood squares too!

  7. Pressure sure: don't sleep; get cranky; forget to feed the troops ect.
    Show and tell so nice. Triangles yup!! to the stage of made fabric for one.
    Write lists of things to organise I hear it works for some.

  8. Enjoyed looking at these pics & those on MetroMod ...
    was hoping to see the Michael Miller quilt, too ...

  9. Love those Cherrywood fabrics. I have some myself, just waiting for the right project!!!


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