Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colorful Interviews : Canton Village Quilt Works

I had to ask Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works about COLOR!  When we go shopping she is one person that I love to pick out BRIGHTS for! Well, and Silk, and African Fabrics... LOL!  Her Happy Quilts match her lovely personality.

So Jackie,

Name 5  you think are "ODD" together....  or weird combos?
That is a tough question, because I think that most colors go with one another, but it depends on the shade of the color.  That said, I think that Amber and Blue might be my top pick for strange combo.  Also, I would l say Chartreuse and Eggplant.  But then again I still think that they can work well together.  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Show us a palette that you think is very YOU... 

Yes Jackie, I would agree with your color choices! It's fresh spring!

Is there a color you find you always use? 
For sure... Magenta or Fuchsia.  Love, love, love the pink family!  The hotter the better.  When I am working on something I really try to break free and use other colors that I might not normally use.

What three colors do you use most often?
Of course those wonderful hot pinks go great with greens and yellows or purples.  In short, hot pink/green/yellow or hot pink/green/purple.

Can you relate your favorite color to something in your childhood?
Flowers, in particular we had a flowering Japanese Cherry tree in the front of our house that was gorgeous!  We always used to take photos in front of it and I just adored those pink blooms.

What color makes you feel happy?

Really anything bright! Bright colors against a neutral or a color that makes the brighter colors pop just makes me smile.  I think sometimes it is the contrast from the bright colors to the neutral that is just fabulous.

Can you tell me why?
For instance, high contrast in value really can set off a design or a color and that makes it sing.  My Total Eclipse Quilt is a perfect example.  The values of the fabrics are really the same but the high contrast between the neutral (black) and the brights really makes this quilt work.

Is there a color you avoid?
I don't have a lot of blue, so I try to push myself to use this color.  But it just isn't something that I have in my stash. 

I find that interesting Jackie, as I know about your BLUE SILK COLLECTION FIRST HAND!  wink!

Show me your Stash Jackie!
These are definitely neat photos.  It doesn't quite look like this now.

Please show us a favorite quilt you've made that represents these colors you use often?

This quilt is one of my latest Judy Niemeyer quilts using pinks, greens, yellow and a splash of purple!  This pattern is called Golden Harvest and is made from all Kaffe Fassett fabrics except for one green batik.  It makes my heart sing!!

WOW! Yes, Jackie, i can Sing along with you! Your Brights Dance around on your quilts! Thank you for Sharing with us today your thoughts on color!

Be sure to stop By Jackie's Blog and say hi! 


  1. Thanks Victoria! It was fun doing this with you! Can't wait until tomorrow... ;) Maybe we can add some blue into my stash. Yes, those blue silks are fab!

  2. Jackie's quilts always sing loud and clear and she has a terrific eye for color. I'd love to see what she does one day with the blue silks. I spy a very familiar wonderful little quilt in this post. :o)

  3. I love finding someone else who belives fuchsia and lime are neutrals.

  4. I love and adore Jackie's sense of color and design. She is definitely not afraid of color. (Hi Jackie!)


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