Friday, February 10, 2012


 I was up at BASICS yesterday and brought a couple quilts that I had here
from some friends. This quilt above is from Debby, her front of the quilt is 
as fabulous as the back of it! Thanks Debby!

 Here are two quilt from sisters, Ruthmary & Paula! Thank you ladies!

And this striped quilt was a quilt I did way back in 2008 when I was still new
to free motion quilting! This was a practice quilt, and still very cute...(see old post here)  

The next distribution event will be FEBRUARY 24th!

Please know that every effort is made to send out Thank you cards and emails.
I do not take the quilts in personally, all quilts go to BASICS, 
and are checked in by staff, who are also working with the families, 
Sometimes checking in the quilts, is a slow process.

So that they can be sure to get you a Thank You card sent:

PLEASE include INSIDE the box a
clearly written or typed note with:
your name, 
and snail mail address & email
and of each of the people names who have made a quilt in that box.

 request for a tax donation form request, 
if you need it, with the value of your materials used to make the quilt

And send with delivery confirmation.
This helps everyone very much in checking in and recording your beautiful quilts.

Your quilts are so appreciated, loved and respected.
I try to personally take pictures of EVERY single quilt and add them to the Website and 
flickr group so you see exactly who is snuggling up in your quilt. As long as the person
who is receiving it allows me to photograph them.

Believe me, Hugs, tears, smiles, are always attached to your beautiful quilts. 
  It really is a priceless gift you've shared.

I look forward to sharing with you more pictures of more beautiful 
quilts going to good homes!

You are angels!


  1. What beautiful quilts! And what generosity ...

  2. Thanks for the update! Since I missed the November deadline I promised you (and myself) two quilts for this year. Just finished the top for the second one last night, so now I know I've got to get it in gear and get them both quilted so they can be checked in for March's Distribution Day.

  3. Beautiful quilts.
    I just received a sweet thank you postcard for my latest quilt donation.

  4. Beautiful quilts made by lovely angels. Your an angel also helping ensure they find good homes.

  5. Making a quilt is a much simpler task than all of the work you put in to getting the quilts where they need to be!

  6. Sounds like a very worthy cause! Like your strip quilt. Thats a new idea for me!


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