Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colorful Interviews: Cabbage Quilts

Today I am happy to share with you Cathy from Cabbage quilts.  She constantly knocks me out with her fabulous colorful creations.. The girl just knows what works for her! I've been a big fan of her quilts and excited to hear more about her Color choices... Love her palette! 

Have you played with the Colorlovers palettes yet?

So Cathy, Name 5  colors you think are "ODD" together....  or weird combos?
I would find it difficult to use these colours together...dark brown, deep purple, mustard, muddy blue and murky green! Perhaps it is not so much that they are odd together, but that my taste lies more in the clearer, brighter colours.

Is there a color you find you always use?
Pink. It is funny, as a child the one colour I hated was pink! Now I'm a quilter, I can't get enough of it, especially in candy pink and raspberry. One of my favourite pink fabrics is Kaffe Fassetts Roman Glass in pink, I use it in so many quilts!

three colors you use most together
green, orange, pink

Can you relate your favorite color to something in your childhood?
When I was a child I lived in a hot climate where we swam for many months of the year. There was nothing better after a day of swimming under the hot Brisbane sun than a large, iced drink of cordial, particularly the lime or raspberry flavours! I still love those colours, perhaps because they remind me of happy times.

What color makes you feel happy?
Can you tell me why?
Yellow is such a sunny, cheery colour, I always smile when I see a pretty, bright yellow fabric.
Is there a color you avoid?
No. I used to dislike brown, but now I've found that if I find the right brown it can really lift some of the brighter colours. I love the brown in my Star Quilt wip... 

can you go to colorlovers and make a palette that you think is very YOU?
 My colours...though they do change a little with time. I am attracted to a lot of red (particularly red and white) now, as well as playing with black and white and grey.

Show us your stash, please! Whoa! LOVE!!! Your palette is clearly evident in your snap of you stash!
I adore colour and am at my happiest when I can go and play in my stash!!! 

And can you share a favorite quilt you've made that represents these colors you use often?
    The colours in my Fassetted Mosaic quilt are colours I love to use a lot, especially the pink, orange, red, blue, green and some browns...
What comes first?  Color inspiration or Idea inspiration? 
Ooh that's an interesting question, and I would have to say I work both ways! Sometimes I find a pattern that is just asking to be made up, so I start with the pattern, decide what colours/fabrics I wish to use, then often change both the colours and even the pattern as I go. Then other times, I find a beautiful fabric and build a quilt around that special fabric. 
Sometimes I know the exact colours I am going to use, I start with those colours and don't make any changes. In other quilts I just start with a fabric I like, then choose different colours as I go. 

I have to say though, one of the best tools I have found to help when putting together colours in any of my quilts is my design wall. I am able to throw blocks of different colour up on the design wall as I'm making my quilt, then stand back and really see which colours are working and which colours aren't. 

Love what you have going on the design wall Cathy!  Thanks for sharing your colorful eye candy! 

The mix of solids and prints makes for a very great mix of design and color. What I enjoy here is that your DARKEST is not a black. In this quilt, your darks are reading as RED and NAVY BLUE, and whites and yellows are your brights/lights... dark doesn't always have to be BLACK, nor does your LIGHT always have to be white...

Pop over and say hi to CATHY!

Have you tried using a different color besides, black for your dark, what color would that be?
And what color for your light besides white?

Next week is Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studios!


  1. Great interview with Cathy! She also blows me away with her color and design sense.

  2. Thank you for a great interview with Cathy. I follow her blog and have loved every quilt she makes! Yes, she has SUCH an eye for color.

  3. Great interview - Cathy is an amazing quilter.
    I used aqua for the light on a quilt I made and another has brown for the dark (neither are finished - gotta get on that)!

  4. terrific interview...and that stash! wow, that can come here anytime. luckily i've found a local kaffe place....aaahhh heaven!

  5. I rarely use black or white in anything I make unless it is upon request. I have been avoiding making a quilt for my oldest son because they want a white background and sashing. I started a quilt with a black background about six months ago. I made one block, and it will be the last one. Maybe a pillow top?

  6. I rarely use black and white. I don't even have many color+white prints. For darks I love the deep shades where purple/brown/blue lean toward each other. And for "light" I go "bright."

    Fun interview: I love Cathy's "odd together" palette, and could make a whole quilt from it!

  7. Thank you for a great interview! I love Cathy's quilts and works! She is so talented and especially with colours, which are also for me the joy of the life!

  8. Enjoyed the latest interview with Cathy, and oh the Stash! I'm going to start working on one! Right now I have bags of scraps and materials. But how stimulating to see them stacked neatly on shelves! Like an old fashioned Candy Store! from Marlynne At

  9. Isn't Cathy fabulous?!?
    Just one more reason that you should think about coming down to visit us in Oz!!! Cathy and I would take you out for lunch and some stitching in the sunshine!!!!
    (And my latest quilt is purely black and white!!)

  10. Ooh yes V, I double what Andi said!!! Thank you for your colourful interviews, I had fun and I'm loving reading how colour affects different people in different ways!! xo

  11. Thanks for the interview... Cathy is one of my faves!


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