Thursday, December 1, 2011


YOUR QUILTS HAVE HOMES!!!!  Oh My goodness! Where Do I begin!!!!  We Didn't just do ONE  BASICS building  QUILT Distribution today, we did FOUR!!! MORE BOXES arrived this week, I couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw the ROOM where they store all the quilts....  YOU  GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! They guessed they may have gotten another 100 quilts just this week!!!!

 I'm showing you the shot of the QUILT table, Because Here is where I got a teary.... LOL!  Thanking all of you, and what it means that when you ASK FOR HELP, and people LISTEN and respond... Just Like the people who helped these families, when they asked for HELP  to get out of the shelters...

I'm going to post all the pictures to Flickr as soon as I get a chance... Not everyone wanted a shot of themselves taken with their quilt, but we tried our best to photograph all the quilts (themselves) that were given today...
I had LISA helping me today! I LOVE MY BLOG FRIENDS!!!  THANK YOU LISA!!! Looking at the labels and seeing names I recognize, from Friends around the world!  Like CATHY in AU is just the best feeling!

 A bunch of quilts from Jacquie...

 These girls were crying with me, and LOVING their quilts... do you see your quilt here?? They SO APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND EFFORTS!!!

 I think this little guy was pleased!!!

Here's my Daughter's quilt that she made! Remember this post? I was so proud of my girl!  The quilt was loved immediately! Sweet Fuzzy pink little girl, wouldn't let her mother take it from her...  hehe! Love that!

 The Lady, as she was walking up, said, "I need a big one!" (As I was unrolling this BIG BEAUTY!)
"Because I need to be snuggled up in it and hugged!"  See!  Ask for what you need! It works!

 It was a catchy theme! "wrap me up!"

 This was one I made... (Old post here)  News 12 was filming and interviewed myself and the heads of BASICS for our NY news...

This lady gave a little scream when they called her name... She was so pleased with the quilt she received! Pat, I think this beauty was one is yours!  Thank you PAT!!! Your support means so much to me!  Did I say," I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!"

 This was the FIRST quilt we handed out... My sweet friend HELEN, made this one!
(aka: my quilt MOM) wink!

 Beautiful Circles!

 And Pinwheels!

 And MODERN!  ( Thanks Thomas!!! )

 This star one rcvd a lot  of ooh's and awhh's!

And lastly... Peace to you all.  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much...My heart is filled with JOY!

Today is a beautiful day! Can you believe this?  I arrived home today,from the event, to find a BIG box from someone else Fabulous.... THANK YOU SO MUCH....Keep those quilts coming... 

All you Beautiful People, Thank you!

More information here about quilts and where to send them.

Mail quilts to:
Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Robert Gonzalez / BBINC
540 East 180th Street,
Bronx, NY 10457

And visit later, the FLICKR page... I have a load more images to upload!

On a side note... BASICS relies heavily on DONATIONS from large corps every year, AND Individuals. I was told today that they are crazy LOW on TOYS to hand out for Christmas...  If you, or your ask a business to donate ANYTHING, please ship to the same address listed above.

I'm going to see what I can do to help...

Thank you!


  1. Yeaaaaa I am sooooo gladdd...sorry i couldnt escape the office this morning. I am so glad you are bursting at the seams with quilts. Dont forget pics for the newsletter.

  2. Soooooooooooo fabulous! I love love love how you are doing this - so the recipients understand the gift is the "HUG" and the "LOVE", not just a blanket... and I do love seeing one of my quilts in the photo, too! Can't wait to see all the pics...

  3. What a great day V! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. It is something I will never forget, all those smiles. You are an amazing woman! oxox

  4. Tearing up and smiling with you from Seattle! You are a gem.

  5. Friday A.M. here in Sydney . Amazing way to eat my cornflakes. I feel warm and fuzzy and can't tell you how wonderful WE all are. You for organizing and US for stitching for BASICS. From near and far we combined to share our love with others. True spirit of the Season . Peace and JOY!!!

  6. Happy tears! Quilters are the most wonderful people. I bet everyone slept cozy last night.

  7. Ah V, I can only imagine the emotions in the room that day, how wonderful to be able to wrap someone up in all that gorgeous colour!!! Thanks so much for the photo's, it is humbling to see our quilts handed over to people in need. You Rock!
    Cathy xo

  8. Thanks for the pictures! It's fun to see someone being wrapped up in the quilt I sent! :)

  9. Victoria! How wonderful! I'm teary eyed reading your post and looking at all the pics! What a great start to the holidays! :)

  10. Yay! SO much fun to see all those smiling happy faces and hug-filled quilts! Thanks for sharing pics!

  11. Look at all the smiles!!!! Love it.

  12. So many big smiles and so much love sewn into quilts from all over - thanks so much for sharing pictures and impressions from distribution day!!!

  13. I can see the joy in all those pictures and hear it through your words!
    You are a real deal!

  14. WOW...just WOW! Tears are dripping on the keyboard...

  15. I am sitting here with tears of happiness and joy! I love every. single. one. of those pictures!! Smiles abound! you are the best, spreading love to everyone. More on their way soon! I love you my friend and will miss you this weekend! BIG, BIG HUGS!!

  16. What fun it must have been to be there and hand out all of those beautiful quilts in person! Keep up the great work!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! They make my heart glad. I so want to contribute to your cause but circumstances prevent it until next summer. Thanks for allowing us to have a small window into this wonderful event.

  18. Beautiful beautiful beautiful - got tears in my eyes, reading this post and seeing the joy on all of your faces - the givers and the recipients - joy all around! Nothing better than that, is there?!

  19. Oh....part of me so wishes I was there with you. The other part of me knows there is nowhere I'd rather be than here all snuggled up with my wee one. Know I was there in spirit. BIG HUG!!!

  20. Congratulations to everyone who helped. What a fabulous collection of quilts.
    I hope they love those quilts to bits, - not with bad care but with thankful happy use!

  21. I got all choked up reading this and looking at all those smiles! thnak you for this project what a success!!

  22. This is Totally Awesome! Thanks for sharing.


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