Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 Stephanie has her block for Jackie's BLOGGERS BOM quilt block program up on her site if you haven't see it yet...  I cut up my favorite J.Crew shirt to make this block today... LOL! I figured I'd wear it more on my BED then as a shirt...(the gold and cream print)  It was pretty thin and a bit flimsy to work with, so this blocks is not perfect. Oh well! I still like it! (adds a little home made charm!)
Another favorite shirt bit the dust today, my RED/WHITE Churn dash print shirt!  Looks good though doesn't it?
I've been making more stars and more stars.. LOVE STARS!!!
These are a couple for my 15 minute NEW'BEE quilt bee blocks... Can't wait for the other blocks from members to roll in... All those squishy packages in the mail box! and in DECEMBER too! Yahoo!

 These Stars are for the SCRAP BEE. I love finding new ways to make stars...

This ABSTRACT STAR-ish shape is for the NYC MOD block Challenge using the NEW Michael Miller solids... coming to a store near you soon.  trust me these are beautiful fabrics... tighter weave, smooth, 46 colors....they FEEL really nice...

This was from a day of play... I found a large number of PINK in my scraps bin... so I had to try out another fun star block... 

OK. enough stars... on to Christmas-y dresdens....  Have a fabulous day!

If you want to hear a bit more about BASICS, tune in today at 3pm EST... I'll chat with Mark about The Quilt drive!  Click here to sign in to the show

Also, come back here mid-day tomorrow and I will have the pics from the Quilt Distribution event!  Yippeee!

**Also, Like I did last year, Send me your FAVORITE READS of the year. I'd like to compile a list again of great books for you all, (and so I can find something good to give my hubby for Christmas!) LOL!


  1. I'm with you V........never enough stars......
    I'm off to may my BOM too.

    Happy Sewing

  2. I do love stars. I have many in my future with all the shirts I scored at the Goodwill. I have enjoyed the Red Princess series by Lisa See starting with Flower Net. They are mysteries set in modern day China. Not just chick books. Very interesting. I will add more books as I think of them.

  3. Absolutely love those first stars! I really like the way you used the fabric, so creative. I have been looking online and have found some fantastic star quilts, so inspiring.

  4. Gosh I love your BOM stars and all of your other stars too. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE dresdens! I haven't made any in a have me thinkin'...

  5. I just listened to you on ML's show. You sounded great!

  6. Love all the stars here V, esp that shirty church dash star! My favourite read this year was the Myrrens Gift trilogy by Fiona McIntosh.

  7. If you go downtown this month, please take a photo or two of the store windows.....I love the creativity in the air and the feeling of Christmas is a great energizer for quilt making!

  8. Favorite book right now: "If You Ask Me" by Betty White. I SO want to be like her when I grow up!

  9. I really enjoyed the two-volume biography of Matisse by Hilary Spurling, though it did suck up ALL my reading time for several months! He had quite an interesting life. Continuing on my biography kick, I'm now on "Blood, Bones, and Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton (chef of Prune in the E.Village). Another renegade, along w/being a good writer.


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