Wednesday, December 14, 2011

QUILT shoes!!

 Great Gift Idea...

Last year a dear friend of ours gave Boo a gift card to CONVERSE, to make your own shoes...

 How cool are the red and green ones?

We waited until she needed a new pair of Kicks, and she finally got around to DESIGNING her own pair.  For $40 she got these shoes. Isn't that the coolest?

I know it's not a new idea, Nike does this and some other places, but I have to say price wise and choices, these were brilliant...

Not only do you pick every single color and detail about your shoes, but like nikie ID you can add your name... And Boo added her NicName...

Pretty Funky huh?
Zazzle is another cool place to design your own shoes... Willy over at his blog, Designed me a pair of VICTORIA Shoes... He says "you don't have to be named VICTORIA to buy them... "
;-) So it's OK if you want to buy MY shoes!  LOL

I need to apply the design to a MENS size as the women's don't come BIG ENOUGH FOR MY BIG OLD FEET! (let's hear a "HURRAH" for all the gals with over size 12 feet!)
Thanks dude!  Click over here and see his other creations...

Oh... You came here to see quilts?  Lot's of Luck!

Shoes, peeps, it's all about SHOES today...

Had I seen these last year... I would have been ALL OVER THEM!!!
Hello?  NIKE? 
Can you make me a pair in men's 10.5 please?? Women's 12's don't fit me very well either!


  1. I have two pairs that I designed at Zazzle using two quilts I designed. I love your shoes.

  2. OH - thank you SO much - you just helped me select the gift for my two neices, who are 10 and 12 - a zazzle gift certificate!! perfect.. and easy, too...

  3. I am in the same category with 11 narrow. I used to complain to my mom for giving me her big feet. She told me I was lucky that I would never blow over in a strong wind. Now what I would really love to have is a pair of quilted boots....thigh high!

  4. I am sooo in love with the DWR kicks that Willy has on his blog! They are Sweet! So would love a pair for Christmas!

  5. OMG, I don't even WEAR shoes (just sandals and flip-flops), but I must get (make?) me some of those zazzle cuties... Santa, are you listening?

  6. My canoes are a size 12 narrow and what a time I had when I lived in South FLorida. Not the case here in the SF Bay Area though: shoes, boots, sandals, sox, flip flops, heels, flats, MaryJanes, Birkenstock, SAS--there are a lot of choices and I lov e it. Not a shoe lover but I need to be able to wear and walk in my shoes for an entire day without having issues. The pair I am wearing these days came from Knapp Catalog. The shoes are approved by the Post Office for their carriers and they have done perfectly well for me for about three or four years now. Big feet, hands, hair and teeth--love being mr.

    Happy New Year, Victoria, here's to another year of giving, gifting, quilting and making new friends.


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